7 Delhi Based Artists You Must Follow On Instagram

Delhi is a super culturally rich city with art in every street of the city. From Monuments to Graffitis, Delhi is filled with art.  Let’s just say that the Delhiwallahas are super creative and are really good artists.  Mandalas, Calligraphy & Illustrations we got everything covered here. Here is a list of Delhi Based Artists you must follow to get a boost of Creativity

Sadhika Gupta

Have you ever seen those super satisfying Lettering & Calligraphy Videos on Instagram? There is a chance that the video may belong to Sadhika! Great strokes that make her letters/words look effortless and oh-so-beautiful! Sadhika is a very Kind & Bubbly Delhi Girl. She also loves Art Journaling & Making Mandalas and you should definitely follow her for some inspiring WORDS.

Instagram- @delhidoodler08


Neha Sharma

Delhi Based Artists

Neha is one of our Favourites, With hilarious and super relatable comic strips about her metro trips she made us all fall in love with her. She also has a Comic Strip Series called Minty is the new Black where our absolute favourite Minty is being Sassy & Cool. Neha is also very outspoken and a proud member of Team Unibrow, she also is a huge fan of Extra-AF earrings and Extra Life.

Instagram- @neha.doodles


Rishabh Jain

Delhi Based Artists

Rishabh is like a fresh breeze with really Cool and Futuristic illustrations. He usually Posts regularly and if not then his stories will definitely keep you company. His style is very different from what you usually see. He describes himself as a ‘Wannabe coffee connoisseur’ and well let’s just say He satisfies his coffee cravings at Starbucks, he has a highlight entirely dedicated to it.

Instagram- @rishabh_hates_you


Diya Gupta

Delhi Based Artists

Sadhika’s younger sister Diya is no less than her. She is a teenager who enjoys Art Journaling and We enjoy looking at them as they are so Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. She is 17 and is so creative that she already has articles written about her. Well, its safe to say that Creativity runs in the family.

Instagram- @finitebrains



Delhi Based Artists

We all have had thoughts on how the metro ride is one of the most boring things ever. I mean what can possibly happen on a metro ride? Well Follow Samar to know, he creates doodles on pictures which are clicked in the Delhi metro or at the stations and they have left us wondering why didn’t we think of it before?

Instagram- @metrodoodle


Tanzeela Husain

Delhi Based Artists

An Art graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University, she started doodling at the back of her notebooks but son took it to the next level. Her Doodles show women in a Ghunghat and Hijab, something that you don’t see often. She is a feminist and you can see that in her work. Her art is really fresh and should be appreciated.

Instagram- @afsaanaehoor


Angel Bedi

Delhi Based Artists

Angel Bedi, A full-time filmy soul who believes in living a green life is also a super amazing illustrator. She likes the vibes of the old Bollywood songs, you will often spot old lyrics in her work. Her style of drawing is very different and she likes to call her female characters ‘Chudails’. Her style is very quirky & colourful and is very pleasing to the eyes.

Instagram- @thefilmyowl


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