The Super Black Food…Charcoal Food To Gorge On, In Delhi- NCR

While some of us might have a special affinity towards the colour black, most of us run away from it. You may often look at ‘blackness’  in your food as burnt, but not anymore. The Charcoal trend in food is catching up and is here to stay.

A fad or something that’s actually used to detoxify?  We tried this on our skin for external beauty, and thought it did less harm and got our skin feeling fresher. Hence, let our other organs feel it too. The food industry jumps on every opportunity coming their way and chefs could not help but demonstrate their skills with this one. They’ve tried it on sweets and they’ve tried it on savoury too, so far so good but ensure to consume it in a limited quantity.

Smoky, burnt flavor that it adds up in some dishes savoury and chocolate-ashy flavor in all things sweet.

Some of the restaurants/ cafes in Delh-NCR using charcoal to their benefit. Here’s what you must try:

Black Bun Burger

charcoal food in delhi

One of the earliest ones to spread a buzz in town was barcelos, with their coloured burger buns. Everyone wanted to click them and show them off social media before they took a bite to decide whether they were actually that good.

Available at Barcelos (Saket) – Veg INR 315, Non Veg – INR 385 and above

Charcoal Ice Cream

charcoal food in delhi

It’s worth standing in the queue for 2 hours or 3 or even more, for a rocky icecream. It’s not rocky in texture, but only rocky in colour. Its like creamy ash that you can’t resist. This place serves it in a cone with toppings or you can have it in the form of ice cream rolls. Soul-satisfying would be an understatement for this one.

 Available at Eyes on Ice (Gurgaon) – For  INR 250 a scoop

And at Creme Borne, CP

Jack Daniels infused Charcoal Pizza

charcoal food in delhi

We love our JD and we love our pizzas even more. An infusion of a pizza cum charcoal cum JD, is like saying a balance of toxic and detoxifying stuff in one calorie pack. This definitely is nothing more than a joke, but definitely something playing on my head. This weekend plan is set, with an instagram post decided and an extravagant treat for your tastebuds. In this particular pizza, charcoal is just a colouring agent and does not affect the taste. For an extra fiery taste, JD is added to the pizza to serve you the very best.

Available at Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar  at Gk1

Charcoal Spaghetti

charcoal food in delhi

Available at Gastronomica Kitchen and Bar at Gk1

Activated Charcoal Bubble Tea

charcoal food in delhi

If Burma Burma, hadn’t pampered our tastes enough they come up with a new thirst quencher all together. One of the restaurants in a fine dine category, serving quirky drinks like bubble tea Burma Burma has now come up with an activated charcoal bubble tea.  This weekend guzzle up a not-so-attractive but very yum drink and give your parched throat a tickle.

Available at Burma Burma (Saket & Gurgaon)

Edible Coal Kebabs

charcoal food in delhi

The head chef at Molecule, known for out-of-the-box food experiments and the most impeccable presentations has come up with his own version of ‘Edible Coal Kebabs’ . The texture, look and feel of these dahi kebabs is as good as edible coal balls, but as soon as you gorge on them you’d know how gooey and yummy they are. Garnished with something called ‘Lava ash’, these are cooked to perfection.

Available at Molecular (Gurgaon) – For INR 305 per plate

Unique & Awesome AF Black Waffles 

charcoal food in delhi

Unique and Awesome AF, is not paramount to describe these waffles. With activated charcoal, added to these waffles giving it a unique colour and taste these waffles are sheer ambrosial bliss. Not heavy on the pocket, but something to head all the way to Daryganj for, this is what to relish when the Kulcha chhola sends you for a run.

Available at  Eaterybox (Daryaganj) for INR 250

Charcoal Lemonade

charcoal food in delhi

Available at Raw Pressery for INR 150 per bottle

What’s sandy and sweet and detoxifies your body? Definitely the new food intervention by Raw Pressery.

Known for its properties to purify water, charcoal is now being used widely in cocktails too.  A drink you must try, even if it is to feed your curiosity and we are sure you won’t be able to live without it this summer.



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