Thanks To The All New Makeover, Chandni Chowk Won’t Be Choked Anymore

Chandni Chowk the solution to all your wedding, farewell, fresher’s shopping needs. Chandni Chowk the home of shopper’s heads is getting a brand new makeover which would make our beloved Shopping destination even more attractive. PWD has planned to update the culture of Chandni Chowk by making the traffic better and making it a pedestrian-friendly hangout. 

Fun Fact: Chandni Chowk literally means “Moonlight Square”. The irony in this is that if you happen to visit Chandni Chowk, no matter any time of the day, you are bound to be there until the descent of moonlight in the sky! (traffic is such- they won’t let you leave!) but now the problem is solved as PWD has hired an agency which will control the traffic through Tokyo Traffic Intelligence.

The Agency is planning to stop the vehicles in all direction for 30 seconds, within which the pedestrians can cross the roads. We hope the Scheme is implemented before the Wedding season.

By Ishan Sharma


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