Dwarka Is About To Get Cool With The Biggest Cycle Sharing System!

I can’t remember the last time i bicycled. Laziness cannot be attributed to it as much as Delhi pollution, Delhi heat, Delhi traffic and lack of space. Bicycling for me, remains a childhood memory. But Delhiites, you have a chance to experience the thrill of cycling, a little bit more! Delhi Development Authority is all set to start the biggest cycle sharing system in Dwarka.

cycle sharing system

This plan was started off a few years ago but hazed out. But this time, however, the DDA is planning to implement the plan with full energy and a bigger plan than proposed by New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) as private firms are slated to be pulled into the system to accelerate the process.

Over 300 cycle stands with docking stations, 2500 bicycles, nominal and more than 100 kilometres cycling track! Unbelievable? Not anymore…. a little more wait till the sub city’s  cyclists’ paradise comes to be experienced.

cycle sharing system

The system would be on a mobile application wherein the user would have to register, receive an OTP which can be further used to unlock cycles parked at parking stations. The exact model is under constant talks, but it would be similar to the existing one of NDMC. At present, senior DDA officials are going through presentations by private cycle sharing firms for the plan. This cycle sharing system would be the biggest in the city where people will have to subscribe to a mobile app to use the cycles. They would be able to take one cycle from a station and then move in and around Dwarka.

cycle sharing system

The initiative plans to put into place sufficient number of docking stations in the area, so that users can pick and drop cycles as per their convenience. There would be cycle stations at all metro stations for last mile connectivity. There would also be stations at other busy public places like markets. This new practice would instil and promote cycling as a recreational as well as physical activity for people of all age groups.

With Delhi still struggling with pollution, heat and traffic, the cycle sharing system must at least infuse some enthusiasm and convenience for commuters and fitness freaks!


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