A Food Basket, Drinks & Family… These Picnic Spots In Delhi Are #WinterDoneRight!

Delhi has always been a beautiful and architecturally relevant city. The good thing about these monuments is also the fact that these are mostly surrounded by beautiful gardens which can be used as quiet picnic spots for families and friends. Some greenery in the midst of the city is something we crave for. Here are some of the most gorgeous picnic spots….yes, right in the heart of delhi….and around!

We bring you the best picnic spots in Delhi to head to on a sunny winter weekend:

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

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This wildlife sanctuary lies at the edge of the city. This area contains the last surviving remnants of the Delhi ridge hill range, the semi-forest habitat and its dependent wildlife. This is a very beautiful place for picnic with lakeside spots and beautiful animals and birds all around.

Where: Shooting Range Rd, Asola Wild Life Sanctuary, Asola, New Delhi

Call: 08800748967

Camp Wild Dhauj

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A lot of packages and deals are available if you want to camp at Wild Dhauj. You have the option to get neat little tents, dining areas and small shacks near trekking areas. This place is beautiful, scenic and a wonderful spot for a little picnic.

Where: Aravali Valley, Dhauj, Faridabad

Call: 09999273336 

Lodhi Gardens

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This beautiful lot of gardens is situated in the Lodhi estate in Delhi, spread over about 50 acres. It contains a lot of 15th century architectural work, and is a great place for a family get together.

Where: Lodhi Rd, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi

Garden of Five Senses

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Situated in Saidul Ajaib village near Saket, Garden of Five Senses is spread over 20 acres in area and is built over a rocky terrain with various theme areas.

Where: Western Marg, Near Saket Metro Station, Said-ul-Ajaib Village, New Delhi

Sanjay Van

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An oasis of green amidst the noise and humdrum of our city, Sanjay Van is a city forest hiding in plain sight within the heart of South Delhi. Nestled between Vasant Kunj, JNU and the Qutub Minar, it is dense, overgrown and populated by all kinds of birds. Helpful maps and direction boards make sure you never get lost. Enter from the gate on JNU road (just short of the Neela Hauz bridge) and walk your way in to find a spot you like. Bear in mind, there’s a lot to cover: a good spot to grow roots in is the lawn next to Neela Hauz. Once you’ve made yourself comfortable, don’t forget to explore further. It’s a little bit of a hike but definitely try and hit up Tejendra Point (look for the watch tower) as well as the ruined remains of the ancient Qila Lal Kot, the top of which offers guaranteed breathtaking views of the Qutub Minar, the whole forest and much of South Delhi (and not to forget a spectacular sunset and sunrise!).

Where: Near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli 

Mehrauli Archeological Park

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Very well maintained park and picnic spot with architectural marvels and excellent views of Qutub Minar. One can drive through the trail inside the archaeological park all the way to Rajon Ki Baoli and Mehrauli Dargah. Popular points to see are Balban Tomb, Jamali Kamali, Rajon Ki Baoli. The depth of the Baoli is amazing. There is also a childrens park inside with swings where kids can have a good time.Mehrauli Archaeological Park is an archaeological area spread over 200 acre in Mehrauli, Delhi, adjacent to Qutub Minar World Heritage site and the Qutab complex. It consists of over 100 historically significant monuments.

Where:  Mehrauli on Mehrauli Gurgaon RoadNew Delhi  (Mehrauli/Qutub Minar) 

Jahanpanah City Forest

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Jahanpanah is another city forest sandwiched between Chirag Delhi, Greater Kailash, Alaknanda & Madangir. Lovingly called the “green lung” of South Delhi, it’s a fantastic location to keep an eagle eye out for all sorts of birds – and the occasional boar and neelgai. In addition to the 6.5 km running track, there are many benches, gazebos and play areas for kids; all make good spots to settle down with a picnic basket. It derives its name from Jahanpanah, meaning “refuge of the world” and the fourth city of Delhi founded by Mohammed bin Tughlaq. Some ruins of Tughlaq’s palace, Vijay Mandal, can still be spotted in the forest. Enter from the main gate across from Don Bosco School (in GK2) as you will find some parking on this side.

Where: Greater Kailash Part 2, near Don Bosco School, New Delhi

India Gate

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The biggest and the most popular attraction of Delhi is the India Gate. With beautiful parks build around the huge, historical monument and lakes built in every park; this is one of the best places for a picnic in Delhi.

Where: Rajpath Marg, India Gate, New Delhi

Nehru Park

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Nehru Park holds regular events, including musical events, theatre, dance, food festivals and a lot more to attract tourists and uphold the Indian Heritage. The place is green, clean and a great place to sit down and have a snack at.

Where: Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Hauz Khas Complex

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Also known as the Hauz Khas Fort area, this place has a huge lake in the middle, with old architectural structures surrounding it on all sides, and a thriving pub scene right outside. The place is good for a few hours spent quietly with a little food or a picnic basket with family or friends.

Where: Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb Complex

The complex has other mausoleums too, all of which are made of red sandstone and marble which look magnificent in their perfect symmetry. The lush green lawns and the scenic beauty make it an ideal picnic spot in Delhi. Sit on the grass, munch some sandwiches, sip some chai and admire this architectural marvel. Picnic tip- Always carry a bag for disposing off wastes!

Though picnics are fun time with family, it also a time to keep these gorgeous picnic spots spotless…. and maintain their ‘picnic spot’ status!


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