Hey Animal Lovers! Homes for Homeless Animals in Delhi

Animal shelters provide care and treatment to animals needing protection, attempt to find homes for homeless animals and reunite lost pets with their families.  Today’s shelters range from single rooms with multiple cages to state-of-the-art facilities with amenities that might rival some hotels.

Animal shelters can be categorized as follows

1) Municipal animal control agencies run by city or county governments

2) Private, non-profit agencies overseen by a board of directors

3) Private, non-profit agencies with a government contract to provide animal control services.

Below is the list of few popular and well maintained animal shelters in Delhi:

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center

Animal SHelter

The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center was established in 1980. At the time it was India’s first and one-of-kind Animal Care Center. Founded by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi to continue the legacy of Mr. Sanjay Gandhi, the center is now home to almost 5000 animals and is India’s largest Animal Care Center. You can help the animals by adoption, donation or even apply as a volunteer at the care center.

Various services for the animals are offered here such as IPD, OPD, ICU, OT LAB, Dental Care, Animal Cemetery, Training & First Aid, Gaushala and Free Treatment. SGACC employs a staff of almost 100 persons. These include administrators, vets, compounders, helpers, cleaners, drivers, cooks, masons, electrician, security guards, accountants and a store keeper.

Where: Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi


PAWS (Pet Animal Welfare Society) 

pause 4 paws

Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came into existence in 1998 and started working the very same day. The purpose of the society is to make people aware about the care, management and nutrition of pet and stray animals. For PAWS, all animals on this planet are the pets of the society and hence there is a need to realize their importance in our everyday life and do our bit in exchange.

The PAWS team organizes regular Pup Adoption and Anti Rabies Camps on weekends at different localities in and around Delhi. Volunteers work tirelessly to see that these cute, adorable, homeless puppies find good homes.

Where: C-9/7, Masudpur Market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi



red paws rescue animal shelters in delhi

Red Paws Rescue (NGO) is a registered non – profit charity aimed at the rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned dogs in New Delhi, India. The organization from its humble beginning is the vision of Sadhwi Sondhi who at the young age of only seventeen decided to create awareness to the plight of stray and abandoned animals in New Delhi by starting up her very own NGO. She has always been passionate about helping animals and is an avid animal rights advocate.

The aims and purposes of Red Paws Rescue include finding homes for Indian dogs and pups, placing abandoned pets into loving homes, mass sterilizations of stray animals in different zones across New Delhi., better medical care and to raise awareness to our cause.

You can also join their Foster Program if you are not ready to adopt a puppy just yet but would still like to help. You can become a foster parent if you can keep a puppy/adult dog in your home till they can find them a permanent home.

Where: 29A, 1st Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi



friendicoes seca

Sometime in the 1970’s a group of school kids got together and started a kindness club for distressed stray animals under the Defence Colony flyover. The space was provided for by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi’s regime. It was a small set up with just 2 rooms and a handful of animals. But in no time the shelter grew by leaps and bounds and in April 1979 it was registered as a society and Friendicoes SECA came into existence.

Friendicoes is now a much bigger shelter under the same flyover in the same location and boasts of an Out Patient’s Department, an in-house clinic for the strays that accommodates about 150-200 animals at any point of time, two operation theaters, a Lab & X-ray unit as well as a sanctuary in Gurgaon that houses about a thousand animals.

During Chennai Floods this organization came in to rescue several animals injured during the flood.

There is facility of online donation on their site. Any amount of contribution is welcomed.

Where:  Friendicoes Seca No 271 & 273 | Defence Colony Flyover Market, Jangpura    Side New Delhi


Honorable Mentions

Circle of Animal Lovers

Where: E-67, DDA Flats, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017


Where: Rajokri Village (Near the Temple), New Delhi-38


Ranthambhore Foundation

Where: 19, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-21


So if you want to save animals or if u just want to pet an animal, these are the places you must visit in Delhi. These animals are perfectly healthy and hearty, just in dire need of a home. You can even make donation ranging from Rs. 100 to an unlimited amount. Animal Shelters are the best thing that can happen to any stray animal and their success is codependent on the contribution of people.


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