Ah! The Joys Of Using Handmade Beauty Products In Delhi NCR

Just how the best of wine and dine is on our agenda every weekend, so should be skincare. Spend a lonesome weekend, pampering yourself and I kid you not that would be the best summer Sunday spent. Be comfortable and unorthodox about trying, homemade bath and beauty products. Once you start using them, they are sure to strike your fancy and you’d never go back to the chemical-full packages that are marketed to you so well. Ah! the joys of Using handmade Beauty Products.

Consider using some of the best brands across the city, all with a 100% natural and divergent product range in Delhi NCR


handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

Formerly called From my garden, this brand does not cease to amaze. With a broad catalogue, covering from skin care to hair cleansers to hair oil this has everything one needs for their complete beauty regime.

Now, approved by the government’s ministry of Ayurveda (Ayush), this brand has beauty products that show instant results. Going from a homegrown brand to now setting up a manufacturing facility they cater to health care, hair care and skin care marketed under Bio Resurge, Padmakesh and Anashwara respectively.  With no side effects, these products are a blend of natural ingredients only. While Bio Resurge includes products for Thyroid, liver, immunity care and other body parts Padmakesh includes nourishing hair oil, herbal hair cleanser, hair packs that help maintain hair and prevent hair fall.

Anashwara includes nourishing skin creams, scrubs, packs and face wash prepared from rose flowers, saffron, vetiver, sandal, shilajeet and other natural products.

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Where: 602 Indraprakash Building ,21 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Vedic Linehandmade beauty products in delhi NCR

With a global reach in more than 10 countries, you wouldn’t be surprised if your friends abroad tell you the secret behind their glow was some product from the Vedic line. Located in the heart of South Delhi, Vedic line provides innovative and effective daily care products for skin, hair and body. They specialize in products at par with in-salon treatments and on-going treatments at home to restore a youthful look.  Committed to research in high quality products and services, they offer aesthetic solutions such as whitening, skin ageing , acne treatment etc. along with solution for environmental problems such as tanning and dryness.

Vedicline products are:T rendy – In tune with current trends. ; Original – High performing & precise and Exclusive – In appearance & use. 

Vedicline has optimum combination of Ayurvedic wisdom & modern scientific research which they use in making products to give you, visibly healthier skin & hair initially leading to significant improvement overtime. They have a vast product range starting from sunscreen, toners, serums, gels, lotions, pedi soaks, rash creams amongst others.

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Where: 395, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi


handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

With an intriguing name and a very professional packaging, Ayca is a winner when it comes to gifting these products to someone. With a mini travel range and a specialized mens range of products, Ayca products are available in many good stores across the country. Their range includes
Body Wash, Body Lotions, Body Oils, Pure Aloe Vera Gels, Face Scrubs, Massage Cream, Face Cream and Diffuser Oils. They have some very interesting and unique fragrances and  products made with grapefruit, oudh wood and ginger.
This brand is perfect for hoarding some new bath products every week, and you are sure to never get bored, as you look forward to pampering your skin everyday.

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Where: 395, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi


handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

With a newly opened outlet at DLF place, Saket so wish their products were edible. From a pomegranate shea butter to custard body butter or a solid perfume love potion, you are sure to be attracted to these with the aroma they spread around the mall. Buy them online, and you can’t stop your fingers to click on that droolworthy packaging of fresh orange lip scrub.  How about a custom-made product? It’s sure out of a dream, and yes they do cater to personal needs by sourcing fresh farm ingredients.

Vert focuses on ‘fresh’ and ‘handmade’, coming to life. True to their philosophy A melange of everyday stories that combines the purity of tradition with the effectiveness of contemporary practices”, they offer products in the most unprocessed form.  Driven with passion and innovation, Vert was born from a kitchen to a story of never ending freshness providing products with alluring ingredients to enhance a luxury experience.

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Where: Shop No. 171, DLF Place mall, Saket, New Delhi

Veda Essence

handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

Veda essence was born out of concern of a mother for her baby’s skincare and bath regime. Specialising in cold pressed natural soaps made of oil, Veda essences offers 30 different types of soaps and you are sure to get confused as to which one to try first. “The beauty of Veda’s products is they are handcrafted and reflective of the uniqueness each product carries in itself”. All products are personally tried and tested by the Veda team, before it reaches the customers.

Their products are made using ingredients such as myrrh oil, rose hip oil, marjoram among others. Their portfolio consists of many products apart from the soaps like body oils, body butters and baby care products like Sandalwood Diaper rash baby butter, Baby massage oil, Baby natural laundry wash etc. Go the natural way for yourself and your baby, and nothing will give you more happiness than raising a healthy child with gorgeous skin.

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Where: Unit G- 43, Ocus Quantum, Opposite BPTP, Sector 51, Gurugram


handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

Started as a venture to heal self, and others Vidhi turned her research skills from a home based venture to a fulfilling business. Start your day by cleansing from outside and within by using our hand-crafted soaps, that the mantra of Elysia. Their philosophy is to spread LOVE and HEAL people. That’s what they want to inculcate through their bath products too.

Be in through a sense of smell (for which we use aroma therapeutic essential oils in all our products) or through a sense of connecting your actions and thoughts with the inner self (using different crystals that we embed in our soaps)” says Vidhi. That’s why we have a special range of soaps that we call crystal soaps. The crystals, with various healing properties are embedded inside the soap to cleanse oneself from outside, sure. But within too! Their products are vegetarian, cruelty free and also children friendly. Their product range includes Bath bombs, bath cubes, lip scrubs, fruit-based body washes, crystal soaps,  body creams.

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Facebook : ElysiaSoaps

Instagram : elysia_soaps

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handmade beauty products in delhi NCR

One of the most popular brands of handmade beauty products, especially for treating dandruff and hair fall naturally. They emphasize on fundamental processes of human skin, that is, regeneration, exfoliation and rejuvenation. From a variety of shampoos to face packs and scrubs, their product catalogue also includes much-needed products for the summer like Anti Prickly Body wash gel.

A globally renowned cosmetologist Dr. P R singh, researched and came to the conclusion that many India fruits such as mangoes, tamarind, tomatoes are powehouses of amino acids. After extensive research he decided to introduce products which have base of Amino acids which are rich in antioxidants and help in exfoliation. Aaranyaa, was born by introducing a range of products combining modern technology and principles of Ayurveda to create products that are hydrating, light on skin, and most of all, extremely effective on usage. Aaranya has a range of hair oil, face wash, de-tanning body scrubs, body lotions, stretch mark formula, astringent, toner, heel cream etc.

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Where: Near Market, AL-107, Block AL, Poorbi Shalimar Bag, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

Get fresh….and beautiful!




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