“Beet” The Heat With This New Beetroot Food Culture In Delhi NCR

If you thought getting through this summer was like walking on eggshells, then we may say you’re wrong. It may sound a wee bit boring but we promise we’ve got food in all the right places. We are two peas in a pod, if you agree to taste these super healthy but yummylicious recipes made with beetroot. Try them, or miss them and regret later.

Beetroot and Pineapple Salad

beetroot food

Beetroot adds an element of fun to a dish due to their colour and tangy taste. They can be sliced, par boiled and used with a dressing of red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar. Beetroot, has made a comeback in a reinvented avatar and we see mostly every restaurant using it in salads. While we ‘desis’ are used to eating it sliced in its crunchy, raw form we have top chefs boiling them and using them in salads with different dressings, cheese, rocket leaves and even pineapple as in this case.

Available at Gol CHakkar Café, Kalkaji for Rs. 170


Cheddar Beetroot ki Tikki

beetroot food

Take a cue from these chefs, as they make something as unhealthy and fried as tikki into something super healthy. Adding beetroot to the batter, they fry tikkis giving it a total new flavor. Cheddar Cheese is used on the top for garnish and extra flavouring. Did you just notice how well cheese goes with Beetroot? Opposites attract. Must try this starter at Tashan.

Available at Tashan, Gk2 for Rs.375


Beet Root Patty (in a burger)

beetroot food

Served at a restaurant called Big Jaws in Gk1, this burger is a chefs special recommendation. Its called the “Beet-er late than never” burger on the menu and is a great vegetarian delicacy. It has a message behind the name, which says better change your lifestyle to something healthier before its too late. Eat wisely, even if its junk food. The burger patty is made of beetroot and season with cashews and cheese. A red burger patty which is served with veggies and peri peri spread.

Available at Big  Jaws, Gk1 for Rs.325


Beetroot Roti  (in a thali)

beetroot food

The whole world is waking up to be more health conscious, specially we Delhites as we love love, Love our food. We love eating out and trying newer places and different cuisines and we definitely now got the social media to boast on. We are used to our butter coated maida rotis and our oily veggies in a thali, but this one’s not the same. This health focused place serves a Super thali with a vibrant beet roti along with paneer, salad and yoghurt. What better way to have beetroot?

Available at Healthie, Gurgaon for Rs. 199


Beetroot Ki Galouti

beetroot food

Not just the casual dining places or cafes are opting for this “beet-iful” experiment, but so are the pubs and resto-bars. This popular place does Galouti like no other place in Delhi, and that too using Beetroot. Beetroot as a vegetable is very versatile, and it depends on how one would like to use it. This place serves smoky beetroot galouti with crispy Japanese Panko, one of its hottest selling veg appetisers on the menu.

Available at 38 Barracks, Cp for Rs. 444


Beetroot Pizza

beetroot food

Making a pizza healthy from top to bottom is best known to the chefs at Civil house. Starting by making a base of Quinoa, this pizza has less cheese and more healthy stuff for your taste buds and greed both to be satisfied at once. With Arugula, spinace, walnuts, along with sliced beetroot as toppings for the pizza this pizza has great mix of textures and flavours in one. Although we love our usual go-to pizzas, this pizza reminds us to have fun with the latest culinary trend and enjoy a good taste with less calories and more nutrients.

Beetroot Arugula Spinach Walnut and feta pizza with Quinoa base

Available at Civil House, Khan market for Rs. 475


Beetroot Hummus (Trio Hummus)

beetroot food

If you’re reluctant to try beetroot in any other form, we assure you this one is sure to win your heart over. An easy and subtle way to introduce beetroot to your tastebuds, beetroot hummus is surely comfort food.  Balance the rest of the snack/meal by having it with plain pita or lavash chips to let the beetroot hummus steal the limelight. Very easy to even prepare at home, this one’s a great source of energy and a healthy dip you don’t have to stop yourself from gorging on.

Available at Pier 38, Gurgaon for Rs. 265


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