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New Delhi has long been considered the fashion capital of India, mostly because you can spot trendy stuff in every corner of the city. There are also lots of fashion and lifestyle exhibitions that happen every year. So, we have listed down top 5 exhibitions you can visit in September 2016. La Ombré: Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition La Ombré, where life meets different shades of fashion, presents an exhibition platform for carefully handpicked lifestyle brands to showcase their collection to th…

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Co-working spaces are inspired by the idea of sharing creative space together or an office. Now it is definitely a concept different from renting out an office space. Ideal for independent work force that are associated with freelance work or contract projects, co-working spaces offer them a social work area while they work in isolation. It is also about establishing a co-working community by organizing events and platforms for like minded people to share ideas and innovations. With the emergenc…

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Life is not a bed of roses. Problems and difficulties are part and parcel of life. When we suffer from some physical pain or disease, we consult a doctor. Sometimes we have no idea at all why everything is going upside down in our life. It is considered a proven fact that events in our life are governed by the planetary movements. One may or may not believe in such things but when the going gets tough, consulting an astrologer is considered the wisest option. Here’s a list of astrologers in Delh…

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