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Nutri4Verve Weight Loss & Slimming Center

South Delhi (G.K | Saket | Vasant Kunj/ Vihar | South Ex | Hauz Khas)
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Shivani Sikri (Chief Nutritionist & Co-Founder, NUTRI4VERVE) offers intelligent diet plans for weight loss through Lifestyle Management (work routines, time constraints, eating habits, meal preferences, travel Schedules, genetics & therapeutic / family medical history) made afresh and fulfilling specific demands of clients. She offers Indian Versions of Keto Diets, Paleo diets, and other fat targeting diets so that the fat loss is everlasting and easily attainable by eating only your home cooked food. 

Nutri4Verve recommends a 12-week dietary plan for Weight Loss diets, therapeutic diets with emphasis on Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD/ PCOS, Post Pregnancy and Lipid Imbalances and others.She has been Awarded – “Best Dietician in Delhi” at International Healthcare Summit & Awards 2017 and was winner of India’s biggest Healthcare Awards popularly known as Healthcare Oscars of India – “Superstar : Excellence in Diet & Nutrition” at Indian Health Professional Awards 2017.

B-1/22, Safdarjung Enclave , New Delhi

Their Approach :

They get to the root cause of your weight problem by helping you tackle the reasons for your weight imbalance and find ways to overcome and then you never seek any help again, you become your own faithful dietician, where you know how to tackle your weight gains and losses. So you loose weight and learn living a good and healthy lifestyle too!

They offer you 12 week dietary programme & explain what and why the particular food is good or bad for you. We not only help you balance your weight but at the same time help you maintain it too. 

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B-1/22, Safdarjung Enclave , New Delhi

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About Shivani

Shivani Sikri is one of the leading Nutritionist, health and wellness experts in the country. Through her role as nutritionist, wellness expert and life motivator, Shivani has created a brand name for herself and now shares her expertise and experience under Nutri4Verve, with the goal of creating total life solutions for people that involve all aspects of living well, including health, wellness, weight loss, and overall lifestyle. By sharing a unique and inspiring philosophy that stresses the integration of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes, Shivani empowers people everywhere to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological. Nevertheless, she is one the Best Dietitian in Delhi.

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