Delhi To Ladakh Only A 20 Hour Journey

Good News!! I think we all can agree on the fact that All of us, at some point in time in our lives have planned to go to Ladakh but didn’t go! But, Its time we all take that trip… Delhi to Ladakh that we’ve been planning for the longest time because getting there just got a lot easier!

Delhi to LadakhIndian Railways plans to connect New Delhi with Ladakh region through the world’s highest railway line that will run along the Indo-China border. The location survey of the first phase is complete. Besides giving quick all-weather access to the armed forces, the railway line will also boost tourism in Ladakh region that is currently connected by road and air. The Ladakh-Himachal region receives heavy snowfall and road and air connectivity are sometime affected due to bad weather.

The estimated cost to build the 465 km long railway line will be around 83,360 crores. Nearly half of the Train route will be covered with tunnels, the total length being 244 km the longest being 27 km. In total there will be 74 tunnels, other than tunnels there will also be 124 major bridges and 396 minor bridges.  The rail line will have the highest road point of 5,360 meters above mean sea level, which would make it the highest railway line in the world!

Way to go India!!


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