Dipti Datta

Here A Cracker, There A Cracker… But It’s Not Only The Crackers!

November 3, 2019

While reading plenteous posts on 'No crackers' Diwali, 'Don't buy crackers', and the like, with people turning out in hoards as environment ninjas, the reality of what really is the cause of news flooded with 'North India Chokes', is ignored...


Do you know that Ghaziabad city on Monday had the highest air quality index (AQI) reading of 384 (under the ‘very poor’ category) in the country as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) data?


The reason isn't what most of you like to believe..... Diwali just passed and social media is abuzz with throwing the bats at Diwali crackers.... they do contribute to a part of it ..... But the major chunk of the haze that has been floating over Delhi NCR is, owing to the prevailing dust-raising winds, cloudy weather and mild shower conditions in Rajasthan. The officials attributed these conditions to the ongoing western disturbance, which is likely to be followed by another similar disturbance.

To prevent further damage to the air quality, the Ghaziabad administration has reportedly shut down construction work on the Ghaziabad stretch of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. Construction of major flyovers within the city is also reportedly being called off for the time being.

Neighbouring Noida stood second, also under the ‘very poor’ category, with an AQI reading of 347 on Monday. Gurgaon fared the best post-Diwali situation since the last 3 years.

Crackers didn't contribute to the air pollution so much as they did to environment pollution. The insensitive cracker burning population left the remnants on the roads for a few to clean up the streets. Delhi NCR stood in good stead this year as it recorded the least amount of crackers burning this year. Delhi's air was the healthiest in September this year since the last 3 years!

The AQI in Gurgaon is expected to calm down over the next couple of days.... as measures are being put in place! And I bought my first set of Pollution mas today.....

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