Delegating Life: A Boon or A Bane?

How amazing people are… specifically if they are stars, simply “blessed” with cheap labor work, are wealthy or something like that.

There is a saying: “money spoils the character”. I do not agree with that. I strongly believe that money (or cheap labor work) reinforces what was already there and was already deep down in peoples’ character.

If opportunities appear to people they will take it. So if they can have less work to do on their own they delegate it with pleasure. Maybe not in the first go – if you grown up differently it will take some time – but later for sure.

People make up their mind, observe others and come to the excellent idea to do that too, or to delegate stupid things they don’t like to do. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, shopping for groceries, cooking, washing and iron clothes, driving. So far so good. Then it goes a little further. “Hey, why not doing some courier work”. The driver can pick up things like stuff from the dry cleaner and so on. And people feel a slight release because of less jumping around and do that all on their own.

delegating life

So the basic needs are solved. Now it occurs that kids need to go to school, do their homework and generally have to be taken care of. A bit of it can already be handled by Mr. TV but, of course, hiring somebody would be a lot better. Just a simple thought and its done. Now you have a Nanny to handle the kids and a driver to drive around as well. With school, tuition, some activities like tennis, etc… all is taken care of now by somebody else but you.

Wow !! Now you can get even more free space in your mind and more time to do really important things in your life. So life goes on and some day your partner gets sick. You think it happens now on a really bad time, since you want to finish urgent work and meetings piling up which are super important for your business.

So, you look around for someone who could help and you find your servant there to help you out with that. “Take good care and give whatever she / he needs” and you leave with a slight guilt yet a released feeling your home. More time, less responsibility – great life?

I DOUBT!! I must say it out loud.

Where does it lead us in that way?


Apart from the fact that we don’t really know our employees – we don’t even know our kids and will never know them since we never talked to them, heart-to-heart. We never experienced them in ordinary life, don’t know how they think, which question of life they are looking an answer for and above all we do not know our partner, our whole family…. everything is just measured up to really what one needs.

Where is the heart, where is the passion… love for family, being worried about the loved ones? Where is the driving force that you want to give the best to your children – you are the best for them – you can give them love, explain the world, support them in a proper way. And what about your loved one next to you? Is it really love if you hardly know that person, hardly spend time together,..?

Why not waking up and making up our mind about what is important to us? Why do we not make a different decision towards taking responsibilities? What about delegating Life ?

I plead for love and interest. For your own family and for all the people you encounter in this one life we all have.

Much love, JaWa


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Jasmin Waldmann

Mental Coach & Personal Trainer, international fitness expert, Inventor of Pilardio®, fitness model and workes with TV channels.Also working with TV channels, producing & acting in DVD`s, taking education trainings,... all that keeps her very happy and alive.


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