David Guetta: celebrating the Master DJ and his beats

What’s the first thing that strikes you when you hear the name David Guetta? Feet-thumping music? Mind-numbing beats? A Lyrical riot ? A musical fanfare? Or, simply a world made to look like paradise itself, given the man’s prodigious musical talent.

Would you believe it that the man whose musical cosmos has touched both exuberant highs ( think of Pop Life, F*ck me I’m famous) and been marked by Zombie mayhem (given the latest track “Bad” from the album Listen) turns 48 on November 7.

A DJ responsible for creating a self-styled, hitherto less experienced verve of colorful and unmistakably hip new age electro music, born originally in Paris, David is today a worldwide name. And, must it be said  it’s taken him some effort to reach where he is today.

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David Guetta once was this ordinary man who felt cut out for the world of Electronic Dance Music but didn’t give up high hopes despite having had with no big albums, collaborations or any prominent record labels’ backing to set his speedboat sailing on unfriendly and unexpectedly challenging tides of global music. But, a thing can be said for certain. The “Sexy Bitch” hit-maker kept on persisting.

He’s never had it easy

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It took him 35 years to create his first album. With Just a Little More Love, the Frenchman’s first album, bordering on semi-electro, semi- funky house genre,  hitting the music stores way back in 2002, not those who had counted him out from ever making it big, were taken aback. Suddenly, a random DJ from France, known mostly for fashion labels emerged on the music scene and was being talked about. To make his naysayer’s life more difficult, his debut album was backed by Virgin records of all music labels.

Heads were turning, people were talking and fans discovered a whole new world of David Guetta kind of music that they hadn’t explored before. In the 13 years hence, an unheard of David Guetta then, often found cutting, mixing, clapping and knocking off a hard night’s work in one of Paris’ nondescript musical dugouts has conquered literally every colossal musical height in a career that has spanned two and a half decades. He’s the king of EDM music, the prince of Europe’s sold out ultra sassy venues that dance the night away to House and Club tracks and has literally become the undisputed king of kings among an intensely competitive DJ line-up that includes superstars such as Avicii, Nickey Romero, Bob Sinclar, Daft Punk and many more bankable names.

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Marked for greatness

He’s got the looks. He’s produced major record breaking albums, standing on pivotal pillars of ecstatic creative collaborations with some of the best names in the industry and has tremendous backing of major record labels and now, the bucks in multiple bank accounts. His music is loved by contemporaries, in particular by Bob Sinclar, also French and a year younger to a younger looking Guetta. And, he is hailed as amazingly cool evergreen artist if Akon is to be believed.

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But, the most startling thing about David’s success isn’t his music alone. Rather, it is his underlying belief in his abilities that ensured that he didn’t give up, despite having his first tryst with music way back in 1987, and finding success only in 2002. In those early days whilst he was employed by Paris’ popular Broad Club as a DJ, early motivating force , 54 year old Farley “Jackmaster” Funk gave David his first taste of House music. Most start early to conquer epic peaks in life but the man renowned for funky beats and sassy numbers that often make the “all too serious” world a daft and cool place to be at stands true to the ethos that very often- good things in life come a little late. That should not mean that you must stop trying or lose your cool.

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David certainly didn’t and that’s what made him what he is today; a true blue eyed superstar with oodles of fans, girls prominently, and a checkered musical career that boasts of smash hits pegged from some of the finest and most grooviest of albums such as, “Pop Life”, ” F*ck Me I am famous”, ” One Life” and many more.

David Guetta’s scintillating creative enterprise

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Today, especially in stressed geographies of the world, upset by volatile turn out of Geo-Political events, such as the Middle East, music has a reformative approach as far as shaping the lives of millions hoping for an emotional break-away is concerned. In developed and slightly stable parts of the world such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom where stability often evokes a feeling that a terse economic or socio-cultural change on the future-scope, music has an everlasting effect.

Here in an India along with other bustling Asian economies that have only just started opening their social contours toward International music- David Guetta’s beats carry the insatiable enchantment that can deliver to the excitement and fan-fare the young and vibrant, lost and confused, daring and enterprising seek.


With an astonishing repertoire of smash hits carved with groovy electronic music beats and daft undertones of rhythmic sound slashes, David Guetta has quite literally raised the musical barometer in sold out concert venues at Ibiza’s charming clubs to Jamaica’s pulsating dance floors.

His music has established a new legion of fan-base that likes the thrills and wishes to be swayed by the non conforming and rebellious gene that only EDM can serve, away from the quaint madness of European Jazz and the charming delight of Soft Rock.

Separating the man from the iconic image

As he turns 48 and ever so younger in a madhouse musical galaxy that boasts of cult figures and iconic solo hit artists, amidst the tacit turf-war between R&B and Rap, Pop and Rock, David Guetta’s thrilling contributions to House and Electro have churned timeless melodies even as he locks horns with artists several years younger to his seasoned experience.

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Only a hand few of American and European DJ and Music Producers have managed to reach the gargantuan stage where Guetta stands atop and delivers cult hits from, most noticeably – Avicii( 26 years, from Sweden), Nicky Romero (26, from Netherlands), Daft Punk( the dynamic duo from France aged 41) . His excellence lies in the fact that he isn’t a miserably selfish artist who makes melodies for the lust of the dollar or pound. A family man behind the musical riot that he unfolds with characteristic ease, the Paris born super star is a doting dad to son Tim Elvis, aged 11 and daugher Angie, aged 8.

David, who didn’t exactly see abundance of finances was moved by the love and ever caring support of parents who supported their son in all music endeavors from the beginning. Perhaps appealing to a worldwide music-hungry audience has never been that difficult for Guetta whose Moroccan Jewish (from the Father’s side) and Belgian roots( from Mother’s ancestry) gave him such a finely tuned DNA that it helped him inspire awe from Latin America to Western Europe and Malaysia to Senegal.


It is no surprise that the man behind the famous “The World Is Mine” and who is quite literally standing true to the popular hit also gave the epic dance number, “One Love”. For, the eyes of David Guetta that exude musical ecstasy- the world isn’t separated by geographical divide but made uniformly together and aligned with a single purpose; love for music or music for love.




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