Don’t be OutDated – Few Date Planning Tips

While WOO makes the process of finding your future soul mate so much more easier, here the friendly neighborhood networking app decides to give you interesting pointers to seal the deal as well. With an easy approach to learn about your future partner’s personality, likes and habits within the app, here Woo decides to crank up your date planning skills by character sketching a few date recommendations that could suit best for you.

The Songstress/The Crooner

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So you’ve spent quite a lot of time with your better half and noticed them gleefully crooning their favorite songs and tunes unbeknownst to you being absolutely captivated with their soulful voice. You know you’ve found a star so let them shine by treating them to a couple of drinks and grub at the Wednesday Karaoke Nights at Raasta CyberHub Gurgaon. Brother-Sister Duo Karan and Tanya Nambiar host these fun filled musical nights honing your sound skills and budding musical enthusiasm.

Woo MustDo: Don’t miss the Supernatural Bongtails and the Reggae Reggae Nachos!


The Experiential Foodie

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We are all inbred foodies and finding someone who loves to eat is joy in itself, however stumbling across someone who treasures the finer details in dining is quite the catch. When you find him/her keenly inquiring about the origin about a suggested wine or a unique dish out of the menu, you know right then that they appreciate more to what life or in this case, food has to offer. Opt for an interesting dining experience at Lavaash By Saby if you haven’t already. You will be amazed to learn about the influence of Armenian cuisine in Bengal with the restaurants carefully crafted menu, intricate décor and steadfast service teasing more than just your curious taste buds.

Woo MustDo: We highly suggest the Lamb Kaboobideh and the Pumpkin Manti. 😉

The Adventurous

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Now if he/she is poking their heads out of the sunroof, then Houston we have a problem. The thrill seeking partner is the beginning of a whirlwind romance which we intend to make a longer stay. You love your ride and they love to join you for the same experience. Why not treat the adrenaline junkie in your partner by booking an hour at The Buddh International circuit; whether it’s buckling him/her for a cruise in your car or putting on your swanky new helmets for a ride around the track.

Woo Must Do: The Monthly track days on the circuit are quite the viewing frenzy as well. They make regular announcements on open track days on their facebook page (

The Dancing Queen/King

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Both of you love breaking a leg on the dance floor and are regulars on the city’s happening party scene. Dancing is a getaway from hectic work life and you seem to have already found dance troopers for life in each other. But it’s when you add a bit of soulful synchronization to your dancing is when you up the intimacy ante between the two of you. Try the Salsa Nights at Urban Pind on Tuesdays or enquire for special Bachata Nights, the technique is to completely feel at ease and give into your partners’ moves and gestures. The intensity of Bachata makes it a bonafide icebreaker for any kind of hesitance you would have earlier experienced on the dance floor leaving you amazed with the way your body begins to respond to your partner.


Woo Must Do: If this is your first time, we suggest you begin after at least 3 vodka cranberries, you can thank us later.

So find the one who shares the same madness or passion like you. Download Woo from the Google Play Store or the iphone App Store and #FindLove.


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