”Cows of Benaras” – The Moo Version of ‘Humans of New York’

Your Facebook homepage may seem boring and mundane at times with all the worldly stuff and common things piling up there, unless you are a follower of the COWS OF BENARAS.

And as content writers, it’s our job to keep you entertained and going. So when we find some serious competition around, we don’t feel bad, we share it with you 🙂

To be honest, I was humbled looking at the amount of creative communication that has been generated just using cows, their images, the words related to it like moo, gau, etc. Kudos to the team behind it!

Get ready for some chuckling! I’ll let the posts do the talking now –
Here’s the link – in case you have trouble following it here.

”Being a truck driver is not easy, especially when you
love reading the poetry on the truck running ahead of
you. I get confused in which horns they want me to
blow.” Cow 7

These photos of cows with captions backed with a lot of intended pun and sarcasm have emerged with the potential to replace the various photo-shopped memes that often go viral in Facebook on different occasions, and not to mention, have managed to give users some respite at times when the homepage feels like suffocating on a dull day. Have a look –

”Can’t believe Zucowberg made no Reaction
buttons for Hungry and Sleepy, coz these are
the only two things I feel.”
Cow 10

On the ‘stereotypical’ Indians –

”My son came up to me and said that he had a good news and a bad one!”
”What is the bad news?”
”He failed in the 12th board exams! Such a disgaurace.”
”Umm…the good news?”
”Well… He stood up to the Sharmoo name. He did score more than the 
neighbour’s son. He still is Mr. Vermoo’s role model when he scolds his 

Cow 6

On Gurgaon turning Gurugram over-night –

”I can’t believe how much intolerant is the cowntry getting. 
Humans are taking the gau out of Gurgaun!”

Cow 8

Often the captions relate to the image so strikingly that they really seem to have been spoken by the cows in the photo, and make us go Awww…..

”I heard a quote one day. It said that a smile is the shortest
distance between two hearts. I thought of it as the truest
thing ever said. Then one day, I had my first kiss. A smile is
the second shortest distance, I believe now.”


Even their #DailyDiaries is tight with wit and pun.

”We just got mooried. She’s my Cowlkata princess.”
”Congratulations! So, umm love marriage?”
”Indeed, human. I proposed her so romoontically, she just couldn’t have refused!”
”What did you say?”
”I, a lover bull, am like the Ganges; wandering in the plains of Benaras, longing for my destination which I see in you. Be my bae of Bengal.”

Cow 1

”At times I want to reign over the world. Then I look into the
mooror and realize that the only cowntry I could ever rule
over would be ProcowrastiNation, but naah maybe someday

Cow 2

”What are you trying to prove?”
”It’s a mootaphor, human. I’m tyred of this life.”

Cow 5

Such catchy captions – Impressed ’nuff?
Pay your contribution to making it popular by adding to the list of its 18,191 followers.
We’ll keep your dose of fun coming 😀


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