Cool things to pursue after quitting your day job!

We are part of such a generation where almost anything trendy, fashionable and something which adds to our status quo can be considered as “cool”.From upbeat gadgets & gizmos, fast cars, fashion and even one’s personality can be termed “cool” if it catches your eye! One other thing which falls in the same category is – Quitting your day 9 AM – 6 PM day job.

Owing to a broad change in attitude, most people quitting their jobs cites “not spending their lives, sitting in one desk” as one of the prime reasons, out of the many others. Today’s generation believes in the fast & adventurous way of leading their lives, just a mere desk and a computer perhaps won’t suffice for long.

Here’s a look at the reasons why these people, mostly of my generation end their employment early –

Life beyond the desk

Quitting your day jobSure, giving years of your loyalty and hard work to your organization and finally retiring with pride is passé, but for us millennials or Generation Y it’s a completely different ball game. It’s not about how satisfying the job is or how well the pay package is, they want do do more, explore more and basically live life to the fullest.

They feel necessary to leave their comfort zone to reach a much larger goal in life, which cannot be achieved through the mundane work routine behind a desk.

Explore Life

Millennials are always in a hurry, or more specifically in a hurry to get things done.Working in an organization cuts down the scope for that, in terms of performance evaluation, increments et al. It all takes years to be put to pen and paper.

Having a 9.00-5.00 job also puts a halt on all the things these people want to do in life, the various things that make them happy, or just simply play a more significant role in the family.


travel across the worldIt’s a bygone trend of asking supervisors for a day off or strategically planning a long weekend. If you talk about travelling, the millennials will in that moment pack their bags and be ready to go on a long vacation. If work’s a hurdle though, they’d rather quit it than let it come between them and exploring various parts of the world.
Some of the most prominent travel bloggers today are the ones who quit their day jobs to see the world.

Pursue a passion

Quitting your day jobLets face it, before work happened we all had a passion for something or the other, something which will stick throughout our lives indefinitely. From photography to writing a book, or being a musician or painter. Anything.

For them, a day job is nothing more than a catalyst to fuel their passion by earning and saving up money for the same.

Own a start-up

India is going through a drastic transitional phase, where it’s moving towards a much entrepreneurship controlled economy. This movement is led especially by the young and talented of our country. The fact that start-ups are well in demand today has been recognized by the officials, and hence the renewed policies that fund a start-up have been an instant hit.

It has become such a rave that it has become many-a-people’s career goal to own a start-up.Quitting a day job is the first step towards owning a stock listed company that has huge potential to grow.

Taking Risks

Quitting your day jobTheir dislike for routine is what inspires them to quit their jobs. They hate everyday schedule and a mundane work regime. They wish to do different things and do the regular ones differently in an unorthodox way. Millennials stick to a thing only till the time it ensures happiness, hence they keep evaluating their career goals every six to eight months to make space for something worthwhile.


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