Forget Maggi peeps, cook these instant things the next time you are hungry

At some point of time in our lives most of us might have been through the struggle of living in a hostel. And, let’s be honest here, no matter how struggling the hostel life might seem to us, it has its own share of fun and adventures which remains unmatched. Time and again the limited pocket money which your dad just sent you, might give you reality checks or your favourite restaurant might have just closed taking midnight orders leaving you helpless. If you are one of those who thinks “yaaaar aaj firse maggi nai khaana”, then here is a list of other items which you can prepare to beat your hunger pangs:

Crispy Spicy Chips Bhel :

instant things to cook apart from noodles

How to prepare :Take a bowl and mix some veggies ( onions, tomatoes, carrots etc) which you have chopped. Add some chaat masala and a teaspoon of mayo to give your bhel a creamy texture. After you have mixed the ingredients properly, add some crispy chips. If you wish to make your bhel spicy you can add some green chillies to it and then serve yourself a bowl of bhel with some sev on top of it.

Cold Pasta Salad :

instant things to cook apart from noodles

How to prepare :

Take a large bowl and pour fresh curd into it. Add salt, pepper, crushed garlic and roasted peanuts. Chop some vegetables and mix them well. Boil some pasta and then add the boiled pasta only to mix it again. After you have mixed it well you can add some oregano and chilli flakes to it.

Curd Sandwich :

instant things to cook apart from noodles

How to prepare :

Chop some vegetables. After you have chopped the veggies, take a large bowl and add all the chopped veggies . Then add two tablespoons of hung curd or yogurt and add pepper to it. Spread this mixture on bread slices and toast the bread with butter.

Kathi Roll with leftover roti :

instant things to cook apart from noodles

How to prepare : If you have leftover rotis, you are sorted but if you don’t you can always borrow some from your hostel mess or the nearest dhaba. Take some sliced tomatoes and onions and then mix them well. Add lettuce leaves in a bowl and then add half a tablespoon of mayo, a tea spoon of lemon juice and salt depending on your taste. Once you have mixed all of these ingredients nicely, to make a wrap spread some mint sauce over the roti and add a good amount of mixture to it. Your kathi roll is now ready to be served.


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