Why Cosplaying Is The Most Hyped Part Of Comic Con?

Don’t we all just love a little bit of pretence at times? Just to get out there and bring the quirk geek out? I know I do! As a child I would dress up and act as my favourite movie star, mouthing their dialogues! What did I know that had I taken it seriously, I would be a popular Cosplayer by now! Comic con India, are you listening? Naah… I never really understood the concept of  Cosplay or Comic con, I am happy doing my bit within the walls of my house.


But I somewhere do envy the leeway it entails. The hype around this quirky convention, Comic Con got me intrigued. Cosplay being the key fascination point. Comic Con isn’t a new concept, though! Started as a trial of sorts in 1970 in San Diego, it went on to become a cult event, now celebrated all over the world. India has recently opened it’s doors to exhibit the pesky weirdness that we all entail!

Comic… Kaun?

In simple words, Comic con India is just a celebration of the Pop culture in India! Comic Con features the best of comics, movies, television, gaming & cosplay! With more than a 1.2 Million visitors over the past 8 years at the shows nationally, Comic Con is THE place for celebrating pop-culture! Jatin Verma, the founder of Comic Con India, launched the first comic con in India in Delhi in 2011 along with Comic Con New York.


Cosplay is an outward expression of passion, respect and love for your favourite movie, game, TV, anime or comic character. It is a live tribute to a persona, fictional or real, that had a massive impact on your mind and soul. It is turning your wildest dreams into reality, albeit for a brief moment. What better feeling than being in your hero’s shoes… Empowerment, I say!

Contrary to what is sometimes portrayed in media, cosplaying does not have any restrictions.


Why Cosplay?

  • Appearance…. no bar! It does not adhere to traditional beauty standards or what society deems an acceptable body type.
  • You want to break free?… Then do! Because here, colour, race, shape, gender or sexuality, is of no consequence. Anyone, can truly cosplay anything they want. It is a formidable force that unleashes your creativity and inspires you to produce things you would never think of in your day to day life.
  • Cosplay is also largely about breaking he monotony of your everyday routine. Let’s face it, most of us have regular nine to five jobs, that are not that exciting. This can give you a well deserved break from the monotony.
  • This is an amazing confidence booster, allowing you to free yourself from the periphery of social constraints.
  • You are a star! You get your own fan following, an opportunity to meet local fans of same interests.
  • Be completely uninhibited, and you can walk right up to someone in a costume, discuss that character with them. Most are also very open about sharing their costuming tricks and tips. so ask away!
  • Super-heroines are an embodiment of a strong, badass specimen of a woman, and so, kick butt femininity is so cool to watch.
Comic Con features the best of comics, movies, television, gaming & cosplay! Comic Con Delhi is just around the bend… Get your quirk right out! Best outfit or not, Comic Con is the next Gen’s vent to celebrate the wild side!

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