Why Coldplay Concert In Mumbai Might End Up Being a Huge Letdown

The world popular British band Coldplay came to India last year to shoot a music video and their millions of fans in the country went into hyperactive mode requesting, begging and pleading for an exclusive concert in India. Cut to the second week of September, 2016; Global Citizen Festival an annual not-for-profit organization confirmed that Coldplay will indeed be coming to Mumbai at the MMRDA (BKC) on November 19th.

A lot has happened since the announcement was made and with multiple rules and stringent regulations in place already clearly the Coldplay concert in India is certainly not what its fan expected it was going to be. In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life we share with you why the Coldplay Concert in Mumbai might end up being a huge let down.

‘Khichdi’ of an artist lineup

For those of you looking forward to watch only Coldplay perform can take a hike. The concert will feature 80% of Indian artists and their performances and Coldplay will only be a small part of the entire event. Ranveer Singh, Arijit Singh, Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Monali Thakur, Shankar Ehsaan and Loy are also scheduled to be a part of the event. Yes, we love our Indian Bollywood hero’s n heroines but let’s face it the like of Shraddha Kapoor performing with Coldplay is a scary thought to say the least.


Ticket Hassles

There were multiple rumors that a ticket to the Coldplay concert will cost people their kidneys but when official sources confirmed that most tickets for the concert will be free and 10% will be available on Bookmyshow, Coldplay fans rejoiced.

However, in reality one found out that they would have to complete a set of actions in order to participate in the lucky draw for the tickets. Additionally, those who reached to Bookmyshow were left infuriated at they ended up being in the online queue for hours before the ticket prices eventually increased drastically.


No Exclusivity

Global fans of the band have often stated that watching Coldplay perform live has been the experience of their lives. However, one is guaranteed not to get any such experience at Global Citizen India concert as Coldplay will have on exclusivity on the stage. We understand and appreciate the noble cause that is behind the concert but the same cause could have also been the driving force of a solo Coldplay concert that their fans would have admired more over this Bollywood extravaganza any day.


To conclude, yes we are psyched that after all the years of waiting Coldplay is finally performing in India. However, with this extra dose of Bollywood on the cards we are almost certain that the overall Bollywood lineup and the theme of the event will completely take over the mad music of Coldplay. Something, that their ardent fans in India are dying to experience in person.


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