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Now I know that every great story is all about trying to search about our meaning of life and the reason behind our existence. Many do so by travelling; exploring new avenues and in turn finding themselves along the way. Now living in Gurgaon has been truly blissful in finding the best opportunities in running away to the mountains. Thanks to the close proximity. But seriously for a Bombay girl that reveled in the beaches of Goa, lived through the many hideous family trips to Juhu beach and Chowpatti and raved in Kashid and Alibaugh, the hills were an all new ball game.

life on beachI gaped; I scraped and conquered the mountains. The breath taking valleys, the never ending woods and the freezing river was a sight for sore eyes. For a girl that lived her life through 30 degrees of ass sweat, the minus temperature was gleeful hyperthermia. Luckily, I haven’t lost a toe, yet. When surrounding beauty is so striking, self discovery in the hills comes naturally. There’s finally a moment when you discover that life mirrors experience. Corporate jungles engulf us way too long for us to really discover our true self that finally refuses to follow monitory glory. My time in the hills was spent in photographing, writing and catching up on all that reading. Heck, just sit out at the riverfront and stare aimlessly at the valley and its still productivity level 3000.

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However after a year and a half of being away from the ocean, I finally made it to the sea. Back in Bombay, every month, I would jump into a bus from Kalanagar, sleep my ass into Goa, enjoy a weekend of bliss and head back to work on Monday morning. It was the best mini getaway for my mind and body. Sneaking in a Goa trip to be by the ocean, felt like home again. This basically meant soaking in the sun, satisfying my munchies with fresh catch of the day and endless rounds of Kings.

samiya travelsYeah, I sneaked in a beef burger or two as well. Coz we miyanbhai’s, be rebel like that. For me the sea was rediscovering the    in me that doesn’t sit still but is yet so calming. Spending time by myself was not just introspection on what lies ahead of me on the choices I make but truthfully it just felt good to eat my heart out alone. Indulging in a Yolo solo trip is by far the best experience I can guarantee to all you corporate hounds that just need to get the hell away from those demonic excel sheets and presentations.

So please look up your calendars and take full advantage of long weekends whether it’s to the mountains or by the sea, we corporate thugs need to watch out for each other. GoBro.


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#GhettoMiyan from Bambai that swears by Bacon, Beer & Branding. Yes, its surprising and shocking to many, that I left Bombay to do a stint in Gurgaon, but Ive always loved to travel and work in different cities. A corporate thug and a social bee getting into the groove of all that this eccentric city has to offer.


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