Amazing Indian Youngsters we must celebrate this Children’s Day

India is successful. Incessantly successful. Our economy is among the most vibrant in the world. Our movies are being recognized in the wider world. Art, Cinema and Music are all growing and finding affable liking from distant parts of this globe. Literature here is growing and finding bold ink in the USA, Britain and those parts. Our sports-stars, not just in cricket’s fancy envelope but in Badminton, Athletics and now, Wrestling are astonishing everyone.

Better still, our politicians too are making waves and curbing crisis or so it seems.

But if you really want to understand the reason for India’s prominence, look beyond the obvious; you will have to purge toward the unobvious, a direction from where the winds of change are emanating. India’s youth- it’s young children and talented teenagers and a rising young brigade are consistently making inroads toward excellence in sports, innovation, education and even social cause.

On the eve of Children’s day, here’s marking a tribute to some special youngsters who make November 14 such a memorable day for us all.

Kautilya Pandit, 10, Scholar From Haryana

young indian achieversKnown as the Google Boy, Kautilya Pandit garnered fame at the age of 5 when he was awarded a scholarship from the Haryana government and also hosted the KBC show with the veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan on the occasion of Children’s Day in 2013.
With an IQ of 130 points, he is the little Einstein of Haryana. He has been awarded titles like “Bal Manishi” and several other awards that include the honour from the Spiritual Guru Shree Shree Dadi Gulzar of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Anand Gangadharan & Mohak Bhalla, Walkie Mobi Charger Creators

young indian achieversAnand Gangadharan & Mohak Bhalla implemented the law of energy and created a mobile charger from shoes! Walkie Mobi Chargers apply the law of energy which states that energy can be transferred from one form to another. Their charger can charge up to 40% in thirty minutes, which is more than the usual 25%. Wow!

Angad Daryani, 19, Brings the first 3D Printers to India

young indian achieversAngad Daryani is the young 19 year old who created India’s first very own 3D printer. A school dropout, yet knowledge and skills superior to other students,  he built his own robot at the age of 8. At the age of 13, he started creating his own versions of RepRap 3D printer. As he now works on its modified version and wishes to share it with other makers in India.

Melita Tessy, Author at 16

young indian achieversAt the mere age of fifteen, this young woman wrote a book itself. Melita Tessy, born and brought up in Chennai, began writing at the age of 13 for her debut novel and by fifteen, she expressed her soul to the world with her first novel, “Battle of the Spheres.” It is a book that is full of adventure and gives out a message to be stronger.

Shubham Jaglan, 13, Golf Wiz

young indian achieversyoung indian achieversThis 13-year-old, Haryana boy from Israna village, is believed to be the Golf prodigy of India. Starting his career at an early age of 10, he already has bagged numerous awards. After winning the 2013 World Masters of Junior Golf, 2015 Junior World Golf Championships, and 2016 European Junior Championship, he became the proud recipient of NDTV Emerging Player award and Margdarshan Award.

Shravan & Sanjay Kumaran

achieversFounders of an app development company in 2012, called GoDimensions and launched their first application, “Catch me Cop,” in 2012. This genius duo  has also created their own virtual device and named it GoVR. Along with that, they have also created GoSheet, which is the thinnest and lightest Tablet computer in the world. They aim to spread their applications worldwide and wish to even share their profits with the underprivileged children.


Kartik Sawhney- a Stanford University student with a difference 


So you will say what is so special about this 18 year old? After all, Kartik Sawhney just happens to be another of those talismanic students to have scored over 90s in his CBSE Boards? Scoring precisely, 96% in CBSE 12th standard boards might have actually been a much more difficult task for this teenager actually.

Kartik is visually impaired. But he didn’t care. And when, for the third consecutive time he was denied to sit for the IIT entrance examination, only because he was blind, Kartik thought of standing up instead of giving in. He worked incessantly hard with a steely resolve to make his mark. And when he succeeded, which was better beyond IIT, he had found a fully-funded scholarship at Stanford. Take a bow young man!

Shubham Banerjee- A teenager in Silicon Valley 


Yes, we have a bit of a penchant for producing science and engineering pros. It is in fact a common wizard DNA in India. But Shubham Banerjee exacted a bit of too much from his brilliant potential a bit too early. So much so that as of 13, he is an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley.


Shubham built a Braille printer that works with Lego robotics kit. This was his science school project. What started out as an innocently inquisitive question to his parents about how the blind read, turned into an unbelievable invention. The Braille printer developed by this 13 year old weighs just a few pounds and costs $350. What an idea boy!

Manav Thakkar, excelling in a game where the Orientals are thought to excel 


Ping-Pong! We have seen how the Chinese, Koreans and Malaysians have excelled and made the sport quite their own. We have seen how Forrest Gump took it from being a recreational habit into being a reason for his globe-trotting triumph. And now, after ages, there’s a young Indian kid excelling at ‘TT’ like everyday bread and butter business. In his mid-teens, Manav Thakkar from Gujarat’s Surat is taking to TT like Virat Kohli took to Cricket in his Under-19 days. He is one of the hot picks of the Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU) and has already participated in the International Table Tennis Federation World Tour where he’s demolished European and Asian opponents with gusto. It’s time to say ping-pong balls to those who doubted India’s Table Tennis potential.


Jaiveer Makkar- a pint sized Jockey sensation 


He is all of 7. He is young, like really young. He is from everyone’s favorite city, Chandigarh but excels exemplarily in a sport where only few can excel; Jockeying. Jaiveer Makkar is already a famous jockey with 2 Gold medals and 1 Bronze medal at the Punjab Armed Police Equestrian Championship held on the PAP campus, Chandigarh recently.


Now that’s called riding on some glory!

Kumar Gaurav, who put everything on stake to succeed in Chess 

kumar-gaurav-jpegHow far would you go to pursue your passion for Chess? Perhaps not mortgage your house right? Kumar Gaurav, all of 16, among the best Chess sensations of India, actually did it in Bihar to afford travel around the country to participate in Chess tournaments for he lacked funds.


Hailing from Araria village of Bihar, Kumar Gaurav self taught himself the quizzing game of Chess, attended tuitions over Skype and finally rose as the Junior Chess Champion at the recently held National Junior Championship at Arunachal Pradesh. What an achievement especially against the overwhelming odds!

Tejas- a jack of all trades concerning Football 

tejas-rk-jpegWhen he was 9, he realized his passion for Football was uncontrollable. But there was a difference. This remarkable teenager always envisaged India’s young Under-19 football team to be solely comprised of the underprivileged, who rarely ever get a chance to participate in this tantalizingly brilliant sport.


So it was simple. Tejas went ahead and laid the foundation of it, alone. In a first for India, Tejas is the one name responsible for forming India’s first and only Football NGO, Sparky Football Team, that comprises of youngsters who will hopefully represent the Under-19 for India in future.

He works relentlessly hard with 16 talented kids from weaker sections of the society who could be made champions in the future. In so doing, Tejas quit his engineering studies and pursued a call center job to direct all funds toward Sparky Football Team. Salute to you boy!



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