The genius of 11 year old multiple degree holder, NASA speaker Tanishq Abraham

In our everyday lives, we keep hearing about how wonderful kids are. Isn’t that right? Some go gala over the bright smiles and laughter of children and others just go bonkers about the innocent traits that children’s possess.


There are kids who chirpily recite poems and others sway their parents who adorably announce their wonderful school grades to every nook and corner of their community!

But what makes kids truly fascinating is when we find them to be prodigies! Yeah, child prodigies for decades have commanded all the attention that there is in the world.

tanishq abrahim

Some are math wizards, others are geniuses at linguistics while some easily ace the hardest of memory puzzles and challenges. But, recently a young 11 year old Indian American kid made way to center-stage in international media for his tremendous and mind-boggling achievements.

Tanishq Abraham, all of 11 who just graduated from the American River College in Sacramento, the capital city of California aspires to be a doctor, a medical researcher, a Nobel Prize Winner and even the President of the United States.

Yeah, you read that right.


But that’s not why Tanishq is a great mind.

The high school graduate is already an accomplished TEDx speaker, a NASA speaker and someone who surely knows a thing or two about self confidence.

Already holding the record for being one of the youngest ever to hold a graduate degree, the young kid Tanishq also holds a record for being a multiple graduate. Determined and thorough in what he does, Tanishq holds 3 degrees in Science, Math and Foreign Languages. His achievements have been so stupendous that none other than the current American President Obama himself sent him a congratulatory letter.


Isn’t that impressive! We bet yeah.tanishq picture

In Tanishq, the child prodigy’s case, there lies a lesson for all cherubic and cute young kids. In an age where kids are rapidly being exposed to technology and obsessions over smart-phones and other handy gadgets, where one notices a rapid decline in books being held by young hands, Tanishq has lead a remarkable change.

This intellectual child has not only graduated from American River College at the tender age of 1, but he has already been accepted by the world renowned UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles). That’s not all, he has received a Regents scholarship to UC Santa Cruz.

ten year old graduate tanishq abraham

Remarkably, at an age where most kids, rather his contemporaries often struggle to recall the full form of NASA, Tanishq already holds the tag of being NASA’s youngest ever speaker.

If brilliance could ever be conveyed through a young life, then perhaps in Tanishq it would find its most glowing reflection.


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