Chic hair colours to make a statement this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to shake things up by refreshing your hair colour. Add oomph to your tresses by experimenting with a whole range of colours on your otherwise black or brunette hair. Take inspiration from interesting colour options like Mermaid Blue, Magenta and Pink hue highlights.

We bring to you a handful of rich, bright and extraordinary colours to spice up your hair with. Take a cue from our list of chic hair colour trends to don this summer.

So call your colourist, ready your save button, and scroll down for a sneak peek at the top trends that will be huge in 2018.

Purple highlights

summer trends 2018

Want to have some fun with your hair? Go ahead with some vibrant shades. Any shade of rainbow will definitely add a modern touch to your look including purples. Numerous tones of purple are available for highlights and ombre patterns. You can go for subtle pastel version or keep it bold with darker shades of purple. Both the darkest and the lightest shade of purple set off the richness and depth of dark brown and black hair colours.

Jewel Tone Hair colour

Summer colour trend 2018

Recently fashion gurus were freaking out over the stunning blend of bright jewel-toned hair colours. These bright and catchy hair colours feature purples, teals and other unnatural hues. If you are truly ready for a big commitment these tones might be just perfect for you. These tones are bound to be a hit this year as well.

Succulent Hair


summer colour trends 2018

Succulents are having an unexpected hair moment. This multi-toned look is cropping up all over Instagram, where it’s being reinterpreted with different degrees of intensity. The key is to build the colour piece-by-piece from the base-up. Weave in purple and magenta hues at the ends, moody turquoise through the lengths, and jade near the crown.

Mermaid Blue Hair

Mermaid blue trend for 2018

Blue never seems to go out of style, but this multi-coloured look is everywhere right now. Combining turquoise, aqua, navy and cobalt, this mermaid-inspired dye job can totally change depending on how you style it. Plus, it works on just about any skin tone.

Half and Half Hair Colour

summer hair trend 2018

Half and half hair colour technique came to prove that two tone hair colours look better than one. This technique is different from ombre, balayage and dip dye. It requires dividing your mane the middle and colouring each side a different shade. Two tone hair colours define women’s confident and strong nature.

While you are planning for a colouring spree, keep in mind that it is a serious commitment. Make sure you have a professional colourist and a high-quality shampoo in your stash to help keep your color vibrant. Also, make sure to turn down the dial on your hot tools, since intense heat can cause your color to fade faster.

Happy colouring!



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