Beer Binging?…Get These Beers For Under INR 300

It’s getting hot in here….and we need some Beer!! Summers are creeping in and we have budget news for your favourite alcohol. Generally everyone prefers to have chilled fizzy beers in this season and what is better when you know it’s just in market for a tiny pocket pinch. Planning a party and don’t want to spend through your nose? Stress not….With the influx of microbreweries and plenteous beer variants, beer has become a tad more affordable, also increasing the number of  Beer Brands. It’s happy time for beer bingers!!

Beer is good….but cheap affordable Beer??….It’s priceless. Bring in the joy of beer binging to bring the temperatures down. Call in your buddies, without the pressure of going broke. Yes, we know the deal!


Here are 30 Beer brands that spell pocket friendly like no other. All under INR 300, here’s what’s brewing…

  • Happy by Thirsty- INR 130 for 500 ml
  • White Rhino- INR 150 for 330 ml
  • Bira Blonde- 
  • Bira White
  • Hobgoblin Ruby- INR 300 for 330 ml
  • Schneider Weisse- INR 200 for 330 ml
  • Hoegaarden- INR 200 for 330 ml
  • London Pride- INR 230 for 330 ml
  • Estrella Galicia- INR 200 for 330 ml
  • Tsingtao, Peroni- INR 160 for 330 ml
  • Stella Artois- INR 280 for 330 ml
  • Corona Extra- INR 200 for 330 ml
  • Asahi- INR 285 for 330 ml
  • Budweiser- INR 95 for 330 ml
  • Kings- INR 30 for a pint
  • Leffe Blonde- INR 300 for 330 ml
  • Christoffel Bier- INR 275 for 330 ml
  • Praga- INR 293 for 330 ml
  • Erdinger Weibbier- INR 190 for 330 ml
  • Miller High Life- INR 70 for 330 ml
  • Heineken- INR 100 for 330 ml
  • St. Bernardus Tripel- INR 270 for 330 ml
  • Geist dark handcrafted natural beer- INR 250 for 330 ml
  • Kapittel Watou Pater- INR 266 for 330 ml
  • St. Feuillien- INR 202 for 330 ml
  • Estrella Damm Barcelona- INR 200 for 330 ml
  • Orangeboom- INR 200 for 330 ml


The prices may vary as per ml. Get going and chug your favourite choice of beer. Get a can, a pint or a bottle….!

Let us know about your favourite beer under INR 300 in the comments section below.




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