Transform yourself into “the new me“!!

There are always things you can change and transform on yourself to become better today as you have been yesterday !


let go of things

SAY YES to life, change, walking an unknown road, by meeting new people and new things in general. Create something out of nothing, do things differently.

REMOVE the words “but”, “can´t”, “hard”, „must“ and “have to”. Put youself into positive circumstances. It starts with your selftalks – watch your thoughts carefully. Talk to yourself with respect and patience  as you talk to your best friend.

 OBSERVE – and take some time without judgement. Think, then after a while you can take action – create a conclusion for yourself – in case if required. Or …

 … ASK. At least yourself smart and good questions. All starts with questions. Ask with respect (yourself and others), firmness and courtesy.

SPEAK LESS AND LISTEN MORE if you have questions- the universe has the answers.

Listen without loosing temper and self- confidence. Be a good listener. Lern to listen with the intent to understand the content that helps you to refine and reframe your thoughts but never listen to anybody with the intent to replyimmediatly because in haste, the string of significant words get lost and you end up being at war with yourself.

AFFIRMATIONS / CONFIDENCE Tell yourself I can do anything I set my mind to! Work this out as often as possible – soon you´ll appreachiate and feel thankful to those words in the transformation of your life.

 change ur selfTAKE RISKS (calculated, not thoughtless) as often as you handle. If you do what your usual outcome do things differently which don´t satisfy you. Otherwise you get the ordinary stuff which you already get.

 BE MINDFUL – don´t rush around all the time. Go slow but be steady. Take small steps at a time and in the right direction. It is often better to go slowly than stumble backward with a great leap. When you slow yourself down you have time to think, judge and plan better and encompass more than you think of. At the end of the day it is not the residue of our exhaustion that matters but the best effort.

BE SINCERE TO OTHERS –the world challenges have got nothing to do with degrees, certifications, property or wealth you have but what you have done for others.

BE GENEROUS – give whatever you can and want to give: time, clothes, skills, money and mind whenever you can for the benefit of others. When you give you get back more than you think.

change-your-lifeBE TRUE TO YOURSELF Regardless of what people think about you, you have the privilege of owing yourself – if you want to compromise on that should be for good reasons for you – in case there are any. Don´t make anybody quotation yourself, don´t be the prisoner of others´opionion. Decide yourself who you are or want to be. Your dignety and self-worth is determined by none but by you.

Follow the instructions now carefully in case you are ready to transform yourself successfully.

Read the following points again and make this no-notes :

1 = very important / required for me, 2 = important to me, 3 = can wait a little longer,

4 = right now not that relevant in my life, 5 = no demand on it.


Now create a structure.

Note down your points. Start with all points which you gave it a 1. Then 2, and so forth.

 Make a list and take the following example.

tranform yourselfJasmin’s agenda:

1 Be mindful

2 Take risks

3 observe

Plan your start- has to be within 72 hours. From the top to the buttom.

Only one at a time !!   Force yourself to follow each point for at least 21 days.

 If you reach the point which you gave a 4 and you feel they become more important to you you can also work on them. Otherwise ignore them. Also the points which you gave it a 5- they don´t need any attention from you.

Observe the magic: step by step you´ll transform happily into the “new me“.

Sporty regards: Jasmin Waldmann
International fitness expert & consultant in India,
Mental Coach & Director of Pilardio®

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