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What To Do In A Day In Chandigarh


September 24, 2018

Chandigarh is a planned city like few else in India. It lacks the heritage status of several older cities, but more than makes up with its tree-lined streets, clean boulevards and an overall picture of good governance. Due to its geographical proximity to Delhi and other big cities, Chandigarh has now emerged as an important business hub. It is also the gateway to the mountains, as Himachal Pradesh is barely a stone’s throw away. We look at some of the best ways to enjoy a day in this Union Territory:

Take a Boat Ride at the Sukhna Lake

sukhna lake Sukhna is a human-made lake on the foothills of the Himalayas. It acts as a reservoir for the entire city. A boat ride on the lake is extremely relaxing with lots of ducks and swans around. The lake even attracts migratory birds during the winters.

Understand Architecture at the Le Corbusier Centre

chandigarh As the name suggests, this is a celebration of the works of the man who designed the layout for this city. This centre gives an overview on architectural and town planning styles used within the city and across the world.

Visit Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

The unique thing about this is that it has entirely been built using household scrap material. An environmentalist’s dream, the entire garden has been conceived to recycle waste.

Shop at Sector-17

chandigarh For all the malls in town and in other cities, there is no diminishing the status of sector-17 market. It remains the upmarket locale for all top brands as well as local artistes.

Savour Butter Chicken at Pal Dhaba

pal dhaba Butter chicken is indeed a quintessential Punjabi item, so few places better to try this than in Chandigarh itself. And among all the locations, none does it as well as Pal Dhaba.

Hop on to the Timber Trail

parwanoo No trip to Chandigarh is complete without a hop on to the hills which start at barely an hour’s drive away from the city. While Kasauli is best known, another hill-station within the vicinity of the city is Parwanoo. Here lies the resort of Timber Trail which offers a cable car ride to higher ground where another part of their resort is located in.

Let the Gluttony flow at the Amritsari Kulcha Hub

amritsari kulcha hub One can leave behind all guilt and diet-goals back home when visiting Chandigarh because the food is simply so mouth-watering. For the quintessential Punjabi kulchas, head to Amritsari Kulcha Hub in sector-9.

Take a Selfie next to the Desi ‘Eiffel Tower’

Eiffel Tower Chandigarh We have our very own desi version of the Eiffel Tower here in Chandigarh. This replica stands on sector-10 right opposite the Government Museum and Art Gallery. A visit for a selfie is a must.

Sip on Juices at the Bawa Juice Corner

bawa juice corner Juices are another staple when in Punjab. Enjoy the best of seasonal, best of fresh fruit juices at the Bawa Juice Corner in sector-20.

Take a Stroll at the Pinjore Gardens

To end up the list we have the grand Pinjore Gardens. In many ways, this is in microcosm an entire region as it boasts of several sections. These sections comprise of – castles, water bodies, a zoo, a fountain and even a Japanese Garden. All this can surely be done in 24 hours! BY: ARITRO DASGUPTA




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