Dipti Datta

Offbeat Places In And Around Chandigarh To Cool Off At!

January 1, 2021

Who does not love to get away for a while, right? Pack a few cloths, grab a few snacks for the times we get snacky and just disappear, even if it is for a day or two. The small pause from the rushed life can be enough to take a breath and feel fresh to get going. Everyone of us deserve a timeout and some peace and quiet. Here are the best places for a getaway around Chandigarh for some time alone away from the hustling city. Embrace the serenity in the lap of nature.


Tucked away in the Shivalik range Nahan has an enchanting beauty surrounded by greenery. Nahan comes with its own history and heritage. The Renuka lake is the major attraction of this hill station. The lake is considered to personify Goddess Renuka as it takes the form of a woman lying. One can go boating there. It houses many aquatic species. Renuka Wildlife Park is another attraction and it has a variety of wildlife present. The place also offers trekking and rock climbing. The Churdhar Peak is a 50kms trek but totally worth it.

Distance: 90 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: September to November


Shoghi is the place for a perfect weekend getaway if you seek quiet. This is a place that has not seen a large foot fall yet which is why it is perfect. Beautifully lined up with pine trees and surrounded by a refreshing green this hill station also inhabits a wide variety of wild life. This is a perfect destination for trekking, bird watching and camping. Taradevi Temple on the hilltop is a must visit place which is in a small town, Kandaghat. It is perfect view of Shimla from up top here.

Distance: 102 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: March to June, September to November


Away from the much-visited Shimla Naldehra is lying some 22kms uphill in its own serenity. This picturesque place is the paradise for a nature lover. It is a perfect place for sunrise and sunset viewing. Apart from that this place is also good for nature walks, horse riding, water rafting. A mere 15-minutes’ drive and you will land at a cheerful apple orchard full of red and golden apples. This place is also known for the Naldehra Golf course which has been expanded from 9 to 18 holes, it scales upto 4,285 scales. It has a beautiful scenic view. 

Distance: 136 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: May to September


Narkanda is a small town located 65kms away from Shimla on the Hindustan-Tibet road at an altitude of 2708 metres. It is a well-known destination for skiing. The Hatu Peak is the highest point in Narkanda. It is a 7-km trek uphill and a quite rough one, but the only way to experience the peak. It is a magnificent view of snow-covered mountains which is simply breath taking. The peak is known for the Hat temple. 

Distance: 175 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: September to November


Mandi is an abode to numerous temples and is known as the Varanasi of the east with Beas river flowing by it. The glorious snow-covered mountains all around and covered with tea plantation, pine trees and deaodar trees this is a paradise for an adventure enthusiast. Many renowned treks including Barot, Jhatingri, Karsog and many more starts from Mandi. It is surrounded by rivers and lakes along with the luscious green valleys. The Rewalsar lake known for spiritual importance.

Distance: 187 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: April to October

Bir Billing

Bir Biling is the “Paragliding Capital of India”. Bir is a small village to the west of the Joginder Nagar Valley and the landing site for paragliding while Biling is the takeoff ground. It is also the center for meditation, ecotourism and spiritual studies. Bir has a large number of monasteries as it is a home to a large Tibetan refugee community. The Himalayan Film School is one of the must visits of this place. It organizes remarkable film festivals. They also organize movie making workshops which is not only fun but enlightening.

Distance: 290 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: April to June


This is the closest hill station to Chandigarh with travel time of an hour and is located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its Timber Trail, a beautiful greenery stretch hidden away in Parwanoo. The cable car rides which gives a scenic view of the entire place. This place is perfect for sight-seeing, trekking, hiking, and the cable car rides.

Distance: 36kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: Mid-May to mid-October


Chail is a small hill station just outside of Shimla which is known to have the world’s highest cricket ground. It is surrounded by pine trees and deaodar trees. It is one of the less exposed tourist destination. It’s captivating scenery is all that one needs to sit amidst of and relax. It is a good trekking ground leading to a dozen of trekking trails.  

Distance: 110 kms from Chandigarh

Best time to visit: April to June

Contributed by Tabassum Nasrat


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