Here Are Some Of The Best Janmashtami Events In Chandigarh

Shri Krishna Janmashtami also referred as Gokulashtami, is one such festival that marks the birth celebration of Lord Krishna in full flavor and enthusiasm by the devotees all over the country. The incarnation of lord Krishna signifies the end of darkness and indicates the reason to celebrate for. Krishna Janmashtami observes a large con flux of people from all the corners gathering together on the auspicious occasion. Shri Krishna was one of the most forceful inclinations of Lord Vishnu. The energetic youth of the country, completely immersed in exhilaration, actively participate in the dahi handi festival. At some places, people perform rass dance to recreate occurrences of Lord Krishna. Don’t miss out the devotional experience by going all to such events.

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna is the most widely revered god of hinduism. Janmashtami is popularly known as dahi handi. The temples and idols of lord krishna are aesthetically decorated that captivate the attention of devotees. It will celebrated with utmost devotion. All the prayers will be offered to lord krishna followed by the parsad.

When: 23rd and 24th August 2019

Where: Hare Krishan Dham, Chandigarh

Janmashtami Celeberation

Get ready to enjoy the janmashtami special satsang with Rishi Nityapragya. An evening of music, meditation and wisdom. Celebrating lord krishna’s birthday will help in awakening your spirit and will experience his blessing showering on all of us. So, let’s get together to rejoice in blissful satsang.

When: 24th August 2019

Where: CSIO Auditorium, Sector 30, Chandigarh

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