Ever Camped In A Truck? We Bet Not!

Camping is that one trait of a vacation that adds an extra touch to it. Nothing compares to sitting beneath the sky, gazing at the stars trying to spot any figure that makes sense, sitting around bon-fire, munching on delicacies and being in the company of your loved ones. Keeping this in mind, Green Dot Expeditions – a travel based company out of Chandigarh drives it’s overland trucks to various parts in India, giving them an experience which is surely going to be etched in their heart forever.

Ten-Second Takeaway

Green Dot Expeditions

Green Dot Expeditions is a Chandigarh-based travel company that drives its overland truck across a series of India’s most unsung spots that are worth witnessing once in a lifetime. The family-run Taurus now offers tours for a group of eight (plus the staff), and have different packages in the hills and deserts.

Having an edge

Green Dot Expeditions

Traveling while camping is as complete package in its own and makes regular camping a lot more fun. Capt Suresh Sharma, an ex army person and a wildlife enthusiast, realized that the real way to travel wasn’t on business class tickets or staying in boxy hotels. It was being able to bask in the nature and contemplate its beauty. His wife and children agreed. And this led to an extremely unique concept- the idea of a fully-equipped truck to camp. The family (his children, mainly) got down to designing it. They made sure to provide all the necessary amenities like beds, toilets, outdoor chairs, camping gear, a kitchen and even hammocks.

Green Dot Expeditions

If you’re the sort of person who’s fiercely protective of nature, doesn’t want to be rushed on a vacation, wants to stop on a whim to photograph a village fair  and can spend hours just looking at the river or walking around the hills, this is going to be the best travel decision you make.

They currently offer trips to Ladakh, Himachal and Spiti in summer, and Rajasthan, Gujarat and across the coast in winter. For now, they’ve also got cycling tours, photography expeditions and a special astrophotography trip planned.

Green Dot Expedtions

While promising you the best outdoor experience ever, they also make sure they’re adopting eco-friendly methods (Capt Suresh and his wife have been fierce, nature conservationists for over a decade). They don’t just make sure that they honor, enjoy and promote local tourism (with participation, photography and more) but also carry all their non-biodegradable trash right back to the city (so there’s no littering of serene spots)

The expenditure

You are going to agree that this is an all in one approach, never heard of before. But everything comes at a cost and you must be wondering that this exceptional bonanza might as well be carrying along an extravagant expenditure to be incurred. Well, you can heave a sigh of relief!The per-person cost of trips starts at INR 12,500, but varies depending on the duration of the trip and the exact package. Their longest and most expensive trip will set you back by INR 65k.

P.S. It’s the ultimate dream if you’re a photographer, nature lover, adventurer or an unstoppable stargazer!



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