Experience Chandigarh’s Live Music Mania At These Places

Going for a movie, a long drive or shopping; there are numerous ways to cope with stress and escape the mundane routine. Nonetheless, nothing stands in comparison with the solace offered by the unification of music, cocktail and scrumptious food; momentarily transporting one to an altogether different world. Though most eating joints have instrumentals and chartbusters being played aloud all day, few proffer the uplifting experience of a live music. Talking about its craze with the mob of Chandigarh, the city boasts the finest bars and restaurants that hold performances of famous bands for amusing the guests till late night. And so, to help you in finding such eateries in this planned metropolis, we’ve summed up a list of the best amongst them :



Located at Hotel Heritage, the place is frequented by both foodies and musicophiles, alike.  Its ambiance is that of an exotic Irish bar, hosting great musical shows and often entertaining people with stand-up comedy nights. This bar is also famous for its veg platter and a mocktail named Italian Smooch.

Where – Hotel Heritage, SCO 467 & 468, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh
Call. – 92164 52021
Cost for two – INR. 2,000-2100


satva live music

This small lounge provides an utterly amazing time, particularly during the weekend nights. It’s best for hanging out with friends, savoring the delicious meals & imported wine and grooving to the bangers played by the performers. It opens in the evening around 7’o clock but people flock here mostly around 10 pm.

Where – SCO 40, Madhya Marg, Sector 26, Chandigarh,
Call. – 93569 83456
Cost for two- INR  2,500-2600


flyp at mtv

The aura here is vibrant with interiors having a funky essence and people enjoying the ecstatic live rock music. The food is certainly up to mark and the salads served here are extremely good, especially the Russian one with mint dip. There’s a microbrewery and also a huge stage, located outdoors with seating arrangements.  For a refreshing experience, this place is an excellent choice.

Where – SCO 47, Madhya Marg, Sector 26-B, Chandigarh
Call. – (0172) 460 9447
Cost for two – INR 1,200-1300

MOBE- Ministry of Bar Exchange


You can expect happy hours here as the prices of the drinks keep fluctuating. The place mostly remains jam-packed but the atmosphere is relaxing and soothing. You can anytime come here to enjoy the aesthetic food and good music as it’s opened throughout the week. When planning to promenade with a large group, it’s better to get a table booked over phone.

Where – SCO 41, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh,
Call. – 73470 47005
Cost for two –INR 1,500-1600

Playground Bar and Café


For exotic cocktails, yummy grilled food and soulful music, stroll into the Playground in Elante Mall. It’s a casual and cool place with a vibrant décor that’s mood lifting. The lip-smacking blueberry shake and veg burger are a must- try here. You can walk-in here to relax, when you feel tired after having done your shopping from the mall.

Address –   No. 178-178 A, Elante Mall, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase I, Chandigarh
Call-  – 98320 80000
Cost for two – INR  1,800-1900



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