Dussehra and Rawan Dahan Celebrations In Chandigarh

Dussehra is regarded as the final day of Navratri and marks the end of Durga Puja. Vijay Dashmi, Ram Lila, Dasara are some of the other names which are synonymous to Dussehra, however the purpose and objective which they serve remains the same i.e – victory of good over evil.

Idols of Goddess Durga are immersed into the river amidst colourful processions and celebrations. There are towering effigies of Ravana which are burnt on the very same day. Here is a list of some events on Dussehra which you can make yourself a part of this Navratri:

Sector 5, Panchkula


Mata Mansa Devi Development Trust organizes the Rawan Dahan event wherein the tall effigy of Ravana is given a modern touch.

Sector 46 Chandigarh

durga puja

Dussehra of this place is usually famous for the tall effigies it makes every year, beating it’s own record of creating some of the tallest effigies which people from across Chandigarh come to visit.

Parade Ground Sector 17

parade ground

This ground is regarded to be as a favourite for almost every Chandigarhian in the city and draws crowd from across the city who come here to watch some amazing fireworks.

Dussehra Ground, Phase 8 Mohali

Most of the Chandigarhians who happen to visit Mohali do not fail to attend the Dussehra Celebrations that take place at the Dussehra Ground which has a unique theme everytime. Last year, effigies were made not only of the Ravana but also of a self-styled “godman”. The sole purpose of doing this was to simply discourage superstition.

Near Housing Board, Manimajra


The Ravana Dahan at Near Housing Board, Manimajra sees a huge footfall. Apart from the Ravana Dahan, if there is one more thing which this place is famous for is the Ramlila which also draws a huge attraction.

Kalagram, Manimajra


Kalagram, Manimajra turns out to be one of the those ground which is a hub for Dandiya, Garba and Rawan Dahan. The winners of the Dandiya competition are rewarded with prizes and later on as the festival progresses, Rawan Dahan too, is something which people look forward to attend in this ground.

How are you planning to celebrate Dussehra this year?


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