Churches In Chandigarh To Visit During Christmas

Chandigarh has beautiful churches which you would not like to miss out on, especially on Christmas Eve. Here is a list of best churches where you can make your way down to for the Christmas Eve:

First Baptist Church


First Baptist Church is considered to be a places that resonates peace of mind and silence because of it’s beautiful setting. They have a big hall which is used for all the ceremonies and masses.

Where: Sec. 44-C, Chandigarh

CityLight Church 


Citylight Church organizes many outreach programs, bible study, piano classes etc all round the year. Consider visiting this church on the Christmas Eve and to take the blessings of Lord Jesus.

Where: SCF 6, Sector 7B, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Christ The King Cathedral

christ the king

Considered to be one of the oldest church in Chandigarh, Christ the King Cathedral has a beautiful architecture and their decoration during Christmas and Easter is worth watching. You can also find a lot of open space to sit and relax.

Where: Sector 35B, Near IMA Complex, Chandigarh

Seventh Day Adventist Church


This church is one of the most recommended church in Chandigarh and sees many tourists coming here for Christmas Celebrations. There are alot of exhibitions which also take place here.

Where: Audit Pool Colony, Sector 41 B, Chandigarh

CNI Church

This church is as old as Chandigarh and has a very modernistic approach to it’s interiors and buildings. The ambiance of this place is soothing enough to give you good vibes.

Make sure that you visit these churches in Chandigarh during Christmas eve and to make the most of this holy festival by meeting your friends and family.


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