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Best Markets In Chandigarh For Winter Shopping

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November 30, 2018

The winter has finally arrived and it's time to put on those fashionable woolen clothes. If you are looking for the best markets in Chandigarh for some winter shopping, then here is a list of places you cannot and should not miss out on: CHANDIGARH

Sector 17 Market 

market The most famous market of Chandigarh, Sector 17 is also the market where you can buy fashionable and best winter wears. Right after entering the main plaza, you can see many stalls selling woolen garments on the right hand side towards the musical fountains. You can find many budget friendly woolen items which can suit all pocket sizes.

Sector 22- Shastri Market 

winter market The market of Sector 22 is said to be one of the oldest market in Chandigarh. One of the most famous market inside Sector 22 is Shastri Market which draws an amazing crowd because of the multiple woolen stores selling the most trendy sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies and many other things. Most of the woolen clothes are sold here at affordable prices.

Tibetan Market 

winter Tibetan Market is a special kind of market which is set up in Chandigarh during winters. Consider this place to be the best shopping destination to buy trendy woolen clothes of the Tibetan style. This place is the best place if you have got good bargaining skills.

Sector 19 Market 

winter The market of Sector 19 goes by the name of Palika Bazaar and is quite famous for it's huge variety of fashionable clothes especially during winter soon which are value for money. Even here, you need to use your bargaining skills to get the best of deals.

Sector 15 Market 

WINTER The market of Sector 15 is also called Patel Market and is famous amongst most of the college students. You can purchase the latest fashionable winter clothes at cheap rates. PANCHKULA

Sector 7 

WINTER SHOPPING This market is regarded as the best market in Panchkula for winter shopping. You can find all the latest and trendy woolen garments at the best price and deals.

Rehri Market

origin market A very popular street market in Panchkula, Rehri Market is a very vibrant market and bustles with a lot of energy and buzz. Here, you can find alot of woolen garments at the best of deals. Make your way down to some of these shopping markets in Chandigarh for your winter shopping.




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