Chaiwallas with #SeriousTravelGoals

Mark Twain, a famous American author once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did”.

Well, that might hold true for most of us, however we found a couple for whom it doesn’t. They not only define the modern day travelling but also remind us that passion cannot be contained by money, heritage and opportunity. While most of us may crib the reasons that hindered us from following our passion, here we are bringing limelight to the story of a couple that will give you #SeriousCoupleGoals.

A couple who has supported their travel dreams by serving “cutting” on their small tea stall. What started with temple visits in and around Kerala, became a full-fledged travel dream very early in life for Vijayan and his wife Mohana. The couple has travelled across India and over 16 countries like Austria, Britain, Egypt, France, UAE and more!

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You might wonder, how Vijayan and Mohana who’re well above 65 years managed to achieve such an incredible personal feat; especially by pouring tea into little cups in a place like Kochi over the last 40 years. Well, join them on their stall and they will share their modus operandi, tips and tricks of travelling and memorable experiences in each country.

“We save for three years and take a loan for the remaining amount” says Vijayan. He also mentions how applying for loans is a big hurdle, since age and collateral is one of the major factors influencing its approval. When asked if he ever travels alone? He says, “Despite the financial burden I am only happy when she is around me”.

Now this my friends, is a love story worth telling!

travel goals
Switzerland still brings a big smile on Mohana’s face, Whereas Vijayan prefers rivers over mountains, he wants to visit the Nile again, if possible.

To embark on the journey towards one’s goals and dreams requires bravery; to remain on the path requires courage; the bridge that merges the two is commitment.

travel goals
What excuse do you have now? Do you still feel you lack privileges and opportunity? Will you still wake up tomorrow and wish that you started today? Oh! You must start today!

Happy day to y’all 😀


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