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Some ganja-smoking with Bob Marley. Get Up stand Up

February 6, 2017

A friend with weed is a friend indeed! No wait, what did you just read? I said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Yeah, that's right :) Often, the reference to weed comes when we think of 'puffing away life's troubles. But, also when you think of a certain Bob Marley.

Roll some

pichost So, it doesn't matter what sense prevails when the potent four letter word announces itself, happy times roll in, isn't it? The mighty Jamaican would have agreed. And, why wouldn't we? Regardless of where you are today and what you are doing, am sure all of us are always up for "Jammin" or at least, making time for some jiving. But, you must make time for it specifically today! Want to know why? Simple, it's the original "king of raggae's" birth anniversary. The man who died young but left behind his music to which all gyrate and dance and swing and not just the wannabe hipsters, first timers, the have been and yeah, even Chris Gayle, would have been 71 today.

A majestic collaborator

musictelevision An iconic Jamaican, whose music stood for more than just being a rabble rouser setting people 'free' from the hold of their struggles and troubles is undoubtedly up there in a pantheon of great musical talents. He could do it all you know. He almost always set the stage on fire with ecstatic lyrics and could magically 'slow the pace of stress' through his soulful laidback hymns. He fancied and drove BMW's, ate little and drank more, even played soccer, laughed and cried and importantly, lived. The latter being something that all giant stars of their time and even today often 'missed' in front of the fame hungry starlit fancies of the world. brightdrops But, it has to be said that if you speak of Marley's fantastic collaborations then he gave none other than Eric Clapton's craft a flair of Calypso jive. Three years after the world-famous Jamaican passed away, the famous Briton sang Marley's "I shot the Sheriff" to packed audiences wherever he performed. What's more! Much before the peak of his band, Bob Marley and the Wailers' success, the Rastafarian with deep and sad eyes even collaborated with Jimmy Norman, who often wrote for none other than Hendrix.    

A step ahead of glory

Many feel this would be the perfect parting gift the world of music could give back to Bob Marley, who gave to the spirit of music some of his own soul during the brief period he visited Earth (1945-81). But then, one should focus on Marley's soulful renditions as that's where our focus must lie. quotesgram Not because it is the 71st birth anniversary of easily the greatest musical talent ever from the Caribbean or because there are only a hand-few whose music celebrates life and Bob was that, but because it is believed that "play well the part and that's where the glory lies". And thus, in examining the word (glory) from Bob's beats, we find that Marley which rhymes with 'glory' ( if you actually picture a Caribbean cat or hipster speak) is one letter more than the this glorious five letter world.

Against brutality and violence and in for setting people free

reliz Music holds a magnificent grip on us. All would agree. Sensationalists and caustic critics notwithstanding, it is hard to come across someone mock a Marley song or beat. But, in the end what matters is not what song is good or bad and which artist successful and hateful. What's important is to celebrate the spirit of music, as that is precious. And when we speak of the legend who walked the earth thanks to his soulful music and not just "Nine Mile" in Jamaica where he was born, greatness is measured in the rhythm you want to keep going back to. bob-marley-quotes-love At a time when hunger, violence, prejudice, poverty are all finding a global foothold, giving company to lust, greed and the needless wish to exult power, Bob Marley's timeless music resonate peace and simplicity. They add more weight to the ground shrinking beneath the feet that corrupt morals and conscience. And it is for this universality of his music and for its evergreen vibe and immeasurable command on any ipod, disc player or music station playing around the world that we must take the hat off to the iconic Jamaican. Well done Buffalo Soldier. Your music has made the world a better place. quoteshunger

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