CBSE 12th Boards! The Hue & Cry About Them!

The Class 12 Board Exams are a dreaded word, and give me the jitters till date. So while some like the All India Topper Raksha Goyal are rejoicing and basking in the glory of having scored an unbelievable score of 99.6 %, many others are crumbling with disappointment and peer and parental pressure. Let’s admit it. The performance of a student’s 12th grade determines the choice of college or university he/she will get admission in. That’s the way our education system has been designed.

Students from science stream go into further stress by giving entrance exams for different universities and colleges. And the competition is fierce. The Liberal arts ones also have no choice but to be caught in the rut of exceedingly high cut offs. With limited college seats, and high number of students applying to get into the top universities and colleges, it could be difficult to get into the top college.

There are two sides of the coin. In this case too, there are both; 12th marks matter or also don’t matter. If you have set goals in the field where there is no entrance exams issue, then class 12th marks do not matter. When you are planning for science field or commerce field from reputed colleges, then they look for your 12th marks. Even sometime if those colleges dont have any entrance exams, then 12th marks are made as reference for making cut-off list. But on a larger scale if you want to get a foot in the door, they matter and they matter A LOT.

A Spring Board For Eventual Success

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Class 12 results are to be viewed as a spring board for eventual success but not as barometer for how successful one might end up being. They are fairly important for college admissions which could make your life a lot easier down the line but it doesn’t necessarily have to define who you are. Class 12 exams are young adult’s first act and doing well in them launches him/her into a world of opportunities, which might be unavailable to others. In short, they get a bigger menu of options to choose from, and can get a great head start.

Academic excellence and the motivation to succeed at a young age are commendable traits and they show that the person who excels is in the right trajectory. It is something every high schooler must strive for. But if you weren’t successful in class 12, it is going to be hard but all is not lost. Life is all about second chances. And throughout the world, across history and across professions, under achieving students have over achieved.

Are 12th Class Results Important?

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Even though we all know the 10th class mark sheets are merely a birth proof now, but still if we look at it, these actually helped us to get into the 11th standard and also chose the subject of our dreams!

Same is the case with class 12 marks. If you see the distinct future, then of course, no one at your work place or your in laws or your children and grandchildren, they are never going to ask you what you scored in 12th boards? But yes if at the same time talking about ones near future, these marks are a turning point. They help one getting into ones dream institute. They even give a stake and confidence in the new crowd, they also help in interviews.

Class 12 board exams

But, having said that, we do not tattoo our class 12 marks on our foreheads. The first thing a stranger notices in a person is one’s behaviour. The stranger could be your future manager, future client or future wife as well.That is perhaps why during the engineering placements, different multinational companies want a mere 60% in class 10 and class 12 board results. The student has to pass a separate aptitude examination and then clear the interview.

Good behavioural and presentation skills, common sense, sincerity, ability to work in a team, sense of empathy towards other members and most importantly, their interest in the work.

This is a New Beginning Whatever You Score!

Getting low or high marks in 12th cannot alone decide your future. Any field you pursue, any college you join, every day is a new beginning. Each single day there is something to learn, something to innovate and some problem to solve. Whichever college you go to, if you do not continually learn and keep innovating, even the best of scores or the bests of colleges could help you.


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