60 Seconds or less…That’s How long it Takes to Sell On Cashify!

Updated yet? With the technology throwing updated versions of mobile phones and apps that correspond with them, at the speed of light, the evolution of devices as mobiles, laptops, i pads has been taken to another level. The hand life of mobile phones has reduced to a dwindling 6-8 months. The clammer to own the latest in trend and technology, has taken a competitive turn. Are you one of those too? Believe you me, if you are anything like that, and oblivious to the stack of old phones, piling up in your bedside drawer, I bring to you something that will get you clearing....

Cash In On Cashify!

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Selling used phones can be tricky when it comes to reliability, owing to the number of portals offering the service. They lag in terms of lacking in the realm of credibility. Making way for a simpler medium that sells old and used phones, is Cashify. This trailblazing platform, has made reselling gadgets, a safe and reliable bet. Talking out of first hand experience, being considerably suspicious of such services, Cashify stood their ground where safety and privacy is concerned. A first of it’s kind to hit India, Cashify works on the resolute principle of buying devices that are used and in working condition. This makes it absolutely transparent and user friendly for the seller to gauge the value of the product, hence, leaving out any loopholes in the process.

Add to that, Cashify is official exchange partners with Apple, One plus, Samsung and Xiaomi, wherein, you can quite easily get loads of discounts while buying the latest of any of these brands or you can get the best cash backs on the exchange of your old devices.

Three Easy Breezy Steps Is All It Takes To Get Cashify-ed...

Get your device price – Select your device & they’ll help you unlock the best selling price based on the present conditions (warranty of the device, the display, battery), of your gadget & the current market price,

Schedule a Free Pickup – On accepting the price offered for your device, they’ll arrange a free pick up. The Cashify representative scans your device thoroughly and personally check it’s working condition.

Get Paid Instantly – Instant Cash will be handed over to you at time of pickup or through payment mode of your choice.

Why Cashify?

sell your old phones at cashify

Cashify stands apart from the rest of the crowd, by virtue of their ‘customer satisfaction first’ approach, and this they carry out through –

  • Cashify App The app has been designed to make it smooth and completely customer friendly. From finding your device’s best price to selling it, the Cashify app helps sell your used handset in 60 seconds….yes it’s that easy. The App also has provision to backup your data, free of cost.
  • Stress-free process- No more the hassle of posting ads, waiting for buyers or undergoing the stresses of haggling with the buyer. Cashify takes all of your selling woes, making the process superlatively simple.
  • Privacy protection- They make sure all your data is wiped out before the representative leaves with your device.
  • Complete ownership- Cashify makes your life a tad easier, owing to zero direct contact between the buyer and the seller, saving you a zillion phone calls or harassment by the buyers.
  • Great prices offered- Leave out all suspicions related to the value of your device.
  • Home/ Office Pick up– Sell from the comfort of your home or office, because Cashify will bear all the toil for you.
  • Instant Cash Handling– No hassles of waiting for a credit anymore. Cashify hands you the calculated value in equivalent cash…..right at the site.
  • Offline presence- Understanding the concerns of the sellers, Cashify has its physical presence too, at select locations (Cybercity, Gurgaon & DLF Mall, Saket) for the benefit of the apprehensive user to see the mechanism on their own.

This just isn’t it yet…

Use the Promo code “WHATSUP” and get INR 200 over and above the calculated price of your device. 

So, here’s the deal…..Clear the clutter of your old phones and get ‘Cashify-ed’…..A Win-win situation for you all through! 


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