17 Cash Saving Ways To Have Fun with Friends

You don’t need to hit the town and burn a hole in your pocket to have lasting memories with your friends. Agreed, as friends, we love to go to clubs, bars and restaurants as our method of hanging out but there are other creative ways to have fun, bond and save some moolah.

We have, therefore, curated a list for you where you all do not need to spare the kind of cash you usually do. Have a look and share with us if any of them particularly interests you –

A potluck get-togetherfriends-dinner-party

A very easy and popular method of having fun. Host a dinner party and just ask all your friends to bring a dish to share. The ones not comfortable with cooking should get together with other pals and try cooking up a dish. Who knows the recipe goes viral!?


Host a spa day

cash saving ways
Give each different nail treatments. Experiment with new hairdos. Make some facial covers or peels utilizing common, at-home fixings. At that point drink mimosas.


Motion picture marathon

fun with friendsSign into Netflix and watch each scene of “Orange A major trend Dark.” Or do a ’80s motion picture marathon, viewing “Lovely in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club” and the greater part of our old top picks. You don’t have a Netflix subscription? Get the free trial only for the marathon!



Go to the recreation center

cash saving ways
Pack an excursion. Hang out. Watch individuals. Play on the swings. Go to a pool.

Host an association gathering

Set up a day of every weekend where you go to each of your companions’ homes and help them wipe out a storeroom, a room, or a garage. Serve beverages and nourishment and exchange stuff among yourselves.

 Hold a yard deal

cash saving ways
After the majority of that cleaning, why not hang out together and make some additional money as well?

Volunteer together

fun with friendsOffer to do the yard work for the neighborhood seniors or hang out with the children at the orphanage. You will find new regard for each other if you follow a couple of hours volunteering together.


Play board games

friendsDrag out the Scrabble or the Monopoly or maybe even Chess for that matter. My personal favorite is ‘Cluedo’ – it is fun and keeps everyone alert. You can hang out and play a wide range of diversions with huge gatherings or little ones. Hold a competition and go up against each other.


Computer game competition

cash saving ways to enjoy
Not into table games? Alright!
What about a computer game competition? Whether it’s the most recent moving amusement or “Honorable obligation,” play against each other and recompense prizes (or nourishment) to the champs.

 Play a sport

Get a ball or a tennis racket. Most cities have courts and fields you can use for nothing. Get there and make an ordinary day a celebrated one!

Go to the school play

We all have been an active part of the school play in our times one way or the other. By that we mean, a spectator, an actor or a coordinator. Go relive those experiences at your school and remember to get prior permission from the school authorities.

Go dumpster diving!

That is correct. I said it. Look at the dumpsters in your general vicinity and see what you can discover. You may even discover supper! Okay, de-glorifying it for a second, it stinks like dead rats.


Swap motion pictures and musicCD

Have everybody bring over a container of old motion pictures and compact discs they don’t need any longer — or don’t observe any longer. At that point SWAP!


Make a ‘101 Goals in 1001 Days’ list – then start on some of them!

Spend some time thinking about what belongs on this list: your biggest short- and near-term goals, both personally and professionally. You could also cheat and borrow goals from your friends’ list. When it’s finished, you’ll all be ready to get started turning your goals into reality.

 Discover when the free days are at your nearby exhibition hall or zoo.

 Most have them and they can be extraordinary amusing to visit with companions.

 Photography Tours



Tag your camera along and take pictures of anything and everything that you find interesting. Go home later and see if you’ve taken anything beautiful and compelling. Great images can lay the groundwork for homemade greeting cards, nice desktop wallpaper, screen-savers, personalized gifts, or other interesting uses.

We are sure your piggy bank will finally come to use after all that savings. Have a great day!


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