Siddharth Nandi

Captain America : Civil War – Pre Release Review

May 5, 2016

The events of Age of Ultron left an impression on the world, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between these formal allies, now turned bitter rivals. Okay...ladies and gentlemen, the battle lines have officially been drawn once again between two iconic superheroes, the likes of whom we grew up getting inspiration from. After the pounding Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice received by critics and fans alike at the box office, the reception this particular film got after a few international releases and the red-carpet premier has been mind boggling. Some have even claimed it to be the “best Marvel film till date” and I for one cannot wait to witness this epic showdown! The hype is real. Here's all that we know about Captain America : Civil War, a film which will mark the beginning of phase 3 of the MCU !


If there is one thing which the trailers and teasers have proven to us is the fact that, this film is going to pack a serious punch when it comes to it's action scenes. Without mentioning any spoilers – to see all these heroes battle each other instead of some menacing villain(?) is something which has never been done on the big screen before.


cap v iron man For the people who haven't read the comic books it'll be a little hard to understand why these two factions are going head on. It's fairly simple, these heroes were held responsible for the mass destruction that took place in Sokovia in Age of Ultron. The Government now wants to regulate their movements and identities. Iron Man and co is in favour of this while Cap is against it. There you have it.


Apart from the other things which the movie guarantees to provide, we fans are in for an emotional ride, much darker than what we are used to from Marvel Studios. The way Stark replies to Cap when he says “....but he is my friend” - “So was I” + his facial expressions is bone chilling!


crossbones We know Crossbones is there in the first act of the film itself and has a very cellular impact on future events, but what has still remained a mystery is Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo. Marvel has kept this villain under wraps and we don't even know what he'll look like. baron zemo


black panther Yup! We are finally going to see the live-action version of this badass superhero who's also the king of Wakanda. With the way the character has been portrayed in trailers and previews, it's sure to live up to, if not exceed our expectations once the movie rolls out.


spider-man-civil-war-fan-posters So, Marvel finally struck a deal with SONY which enables them to use the rights and likeness of Spiderman! For us fans this has kind of been the cherry on top, to be able to finally see the web slinger alongside the likes of Captain America and Iron Man. We have just seen him for a few seconds in the last trailer, but that surely was enough to get our adrenaline pumping!


If there's one thing every Marvel movie fans know, it's that you can't leave the theater until the credits finish rolling. The post-credits scene has become a calling card for Marvel, setting up movies months, or even years in advance. What's even better is the fact that this particular flick will have two post-credit scenes! It' time to decide who you side with – whether you're #teamironman or #teamcap. RELEASE DATE – MAY 06, 2016 DIRECTOR – THE RUSSO BROTHERS WRITTEN BY – CHRISTOPHER MARKUS, STEPHEN McFEELY GENRE – ACTION / Sci-Fi / THRILLER RATING – PG 13


ROBERT DOWNEY Jr as Iron Man / Tony Stark ANTHONY MACKIE as The Falcon CHADWICK BOSEMAN as T'Challa / The Black Panther CHRIS EVANS as Captain America / Steve Rogers ELIZABETH OLSEN as Scarlet Witch FRANK GRILLO as Crossbones PAUL BETTANY as The Vision PAUL RUDD as Ant-man SCARLETT JOHANSSON as Natasha Romanoff / The Black Widow TOM HOLLAND as Spiderman DANIEL BRUHL as Baron Zemo


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