Bryan Adams is coming to India for his Ultimate India Tour This October

Bryan Adams, Just the name single-handedly brings back so many memories, doesn’t it? The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter is going to perform in India this October almost after a decade!

Bryan Adam's Ultimate India Tour

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Bryan Adams is The Summer of ’69, What a song!
This song brings back so much nostalgia to most of us, this is that one song that remains on my playlist no matter what season, mood or year it is. We all know these songs by heart, in fact, we grew up Listening to 18 till I die, run to you, Heaven, Cuts Like a Knife and so on and It’s safe to say that Bryan Adams gave us some pretty amazing Love Songs that we will remember in the years to come!
This is his 5th India Tour and he will be performing in 5 major cities namely Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore & Gurgaon.

Bryan Adam's Ultimate India Tour

The tour will start off in Ahmedabad on 9th October followed by Hyderabad on 11th of October, in Mumbai on 12th October, Bangalore on 13th October and will be finishing off in Gurgaon on the 14th of October.
People have already confirmed their presence on the Facebook groups and its safe to say a lot of us wants to see the Legend himself. The Hype is real! So, grab the tickets while you can.

I for sure will be there singing along to The Summer of ’69.

Tickets are available on

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