This Space Mission Is Sending Your Stuff To The Mars!

“Let’s get together at the bowling alley on Mars”…. Can you place your imagination wide enough to picture that? Now that is soon to become a reality! Or else your picture could create history, being placed up there! Here is what our birdie told us…..

As per the reports, Indian & Russian entrepreneurs & SRRO (Space Researches & Review Organization) are planning to send humans to Mars. Last month we saw a vehicle going into space. It’s now time to place a Bowling Alley on Mars! And behold……The same group of space scientists want to send 10 human beings up to the South Pole of the Mars in 2024 & the plan is to make them play at the already placed bowling alley!

smaaash on mars

The mission has never been done before but to place a Bowling Alley will be a challenge, the same task is going to be undertaken by Smaaash. SMAAASH is an active entertainment space where people play, party and celebrate. The brand journey has seen a steady growth to becoming one of the most loved entertainment destinations for many around the country and overseas. 

Smaaash as a courtesy will send up some of your stuff, like photos and music, in a small capsule with the bowling lane. The total cost of the project is estimated to be 80 Billion dollars. Sources in Smaaash have confirmed the same, but the complete details of the same is awaited.

Spokesperson of SRRO said “a rocket that’s intended to put the first Bowling Alley on Mars could launch in early 2019. We are building the first ship to transfer the Bowling Alley & do flight trails starting next year. It will take the rocket 162 approx to land the bowling alley.”

So what would you send to the Mars?

For more details & to send some of your stuff,  WhatsApp the details on 9971670476


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