Now Blocking The Way Of Ambulance And Drunk-Driving Will Cost You 10 Grand

Motor Vehicles Act was proposed in the Lok Sabha and is now passed, this act states that if you are Blocking the way of an ambulance, you’ll be fined for 10,000 straight. Ambulance is carrying a life in Danger, hurdling its way is surely a moral disgrace.

The New Motor Vehicle Act doesn’t only fines Ambulance blockers but also Over speeders, Juvenile Drivers, and Drunken Drivers. Earlier the fine for over speeding was INR 1000, but now it has increased to INR 2000. So no more “Mitra di Gaddi Chaldi 120 wich”.

Also, the new act implemented states that, you will be charged INR 10000 if found drunk during driving, So no more “Aaj Gaadi Tera Bhai Chalayega”.

By Ishan Sharma


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