Betty – An Innovative Home Automation Solution !!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the current buzzword word in the world of technology. Earlier, we could only imagine a life where you don’t have to move an inch to operate devices.

The digital future is here now, are you ready to embrace it?

One such innovation which will make your life easier is the launch of Betty – a smart plug that helps you control and monitor all your home appliances using your Smartphone; anywhere, anytime. It’s the most economical and user friendly device launched yet.

water pump


Mansi Bashir, an audit professional who has used Betty testifies, “Betty makes life so much simpler and easier for people like us who are working and have limited time at their disposal. It really has a very useful feature of a scheduler. Now every morning I don’t have to worry to switch on my geyser, all I have to do is just put the scheduler on and that’s about it.”

Betty communicates with the mobile app on your Smartphone using GSM connectivity. Since wifi penetration in our country is very low(<10%)  & GSM penetration in India is above 90%(TRAI reports), GSM has a clearly advantage over wifi in terms of reach & availability.

Also since the plug uses GSM connectivity it has no dependence on customer having a wifi connection (router) or in a wifi covered area. Last but not the least the pairing on wifi network is still unstable in India due connectivity fluctuations, again providing GSM a distinct advantage.

Talking about the product, Saurabh Sharma,CEO & Co-founder explained that “Betty works with all 16amp appliance such as AC, geyser and water pump motor. It is compatible with brands and all iOS and Android smartphones. You can add the appliances to be monitored by tapping the mobile app.”

As an introductory offer, there is a discount on the original price of Rs. 2,499, if you purchase 2 units then you get 5% off & 10% flat discount on purchase of 3 or more units. Also data connection & usage charges for one year are absolutely free. The product also comes with a one year warrantee. Thereby clearly giving Betty a price advantage over other smart home devices.  Lastly, most smart home devices require an installation & re-wiring whereas Betty is simply plug n play.

A plug and play device, customers can simply buy Betty online, plug in the appliance, download the be-connected app and switch ON-OFF from anywhere, anytime. Energy saving, convenience and security being major concerns, Betty can help with its multiple features-

o   Turn any Home appliance ON-OFF remotely

o   Monitor Energy Consumption of appliance & Cost savings from using Betty

o   Set Scheduler for Automatic ON-OFF of appliance at specific time of the day

o   Receive intruder alarms & SMS alerts on your Mobile when someone enters your home

o   Share control of appliance through mobile with other family member & also  restrict users

o   Receive appliance operation notifications

Looking forward to a stress free life. With no home worries, when you are out. Then Click and book your betty now.


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