This Year Grammy Saw Many WTF Moments Here Are A Few Of Them

Every year Grammys leave us with amazing laughable moments and WTF moments too, well this year wasn’t any different. There were a lot of moments that you are going to remember for quite some time. Here is a list of the Best and the Worst moments of Grammys.

Best: Cardi B winning the award for the Best Rap Album
Cardi B becomes the first Solo woman to win an Award for the Best Rap Album ever! Great? Later on, while backstage she told that she would like to share this award with Mac Miller.

Worst: Drake getting cut off during his speech
This was super awkward because it was so.. I don’t know just super awkward. Drake was making valid points and then boom this acceptance and ‘diss’ got cut off. Nope, not working.

Best: Latin representation
Let’s just say there wasn’t much Latin American representation in the Grammy and when this year Camila Cabello, Ricky Martin and J Balvin performed it was a big thing and to be very honest I loved it.

Worst: Motown Salute
No Offence, We all love J-Lo but lets just accept that she wasn’t the right choice for this Motown tribute. Jusat no and definitely the Sole option. so yeah.

Best: Dua Lipa’s Clapback
During her acceptance speech she said “so many women, I guess we really stepped up” in refrence to Neil Portnow’s tweet on how women should step up if they want to win as many Grammys as men.

Worst: One after another No-show
Its no secret that majority of the artists were not present for the Grammy this year, Childish Gambino who won the award for the best song wasn’t present, even Ariana Grande was missing. Looks like Grammy isn’t the final goal now, or is it?

Best: Ariana’s gown.
Even though Ariana wasn’t even present but she still managed to make an impact. She wore the gown that she would’ve worn at The Grammy Awards and did a photoshoot at her place, a diva? YASSS QUEEN.

Worst: Posty and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Post is one of the biggest artists in the world right now but he still needed to join Red Hot Chili Peppers for the performance so um.. that wasn’t a good idea.

Best: Lady Gaga. Period. Her presence was one of the best things to happen
From talking about mental health to giving an amazingly energetic performance to literally nailing it. Lady Gaga has just made it all worth watching.

Worst: Neil Portnow bored everyone on his way out
Neil Portnow bored everyone with his annual speech, specially when the show was running so behind the schedule that they cut off Drake’s acceptance speech this long super long speech was super unnecessary.


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