Perfect Weekend Getaways From Delhi You Should Book Now!

We all get tired of the monotonous life that we lead the whole week. If our weekdays are tiring, our weekends should be joyous and for that one can always plan a short trip. Of course, you can visit the places from anywhere and to make your traveling time shorter, you can opt to travel via plane and make your flight booking via online portals.  So, if you are living in city and are bored of your weekdays, here is a list of a few of the places that are perfect weekend getaways from Delhi.


weekend getaways from Delhi

The first place in this list of the best cities near Delhi is Rishikesh. The place is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges and is such a pious beauty. Along with the river rafting and other water sports, the city is known for the study of yoga and meditation. Apart from this, the place is full of ashrams and temples, which are again amazingly beautiful. The most popular hanging bridges “Ram Jhoola” and “Lakshman Jhoola” are made on the river Ganges, which is again a sight of wonder. The beauty of this place not only attracts the usual tourists, but also the Bollywood filmmakers. This is an ideal place for one day holiday and one can easily reach here by taking a bus or a train from Delhi.


weekend getaways from Delhi

Another destination in this list is the village of Bir. This may not be known to everyone, but is an ideal place to visit for the people who love sports and adventure. This place is the host of the World Paragliding Championship every year, which gives one more reason to the sports enthusiasts to come over here. Apart from all these activities, this place is known for the meditative and spiritual studies. Also, the place has got a Tibetan influence and has a number of tea gardens. Once again, if you want your weekend to be full of adventure, then come and visit this place.


weekend getaways from Delhi

The next destination that we are mentioning here again is a lesser known place. The beautiful town of Kasol is situated on the Parvati River and in between the Parvati valley. Like the previous one, this too is a place apt for those who like adventure and sports. When you are in Kasol, you can go for trekking and for many such adventurous missions. The places that you must visit when you are in Kasol are Kheerganga trek, Tosh, Parvati pin pass and Pulga and Kalga. These are the places one can easily cover in a maximum of 1-2 days. Apart from this adventure and sports, the beauty of the place is something that makes it a must visit the place.


weekend getaways from Delhi

Next up in the list is the beautiful town of Kasauli, which is situated in the outskirts of Himachal Pradesh. This is a beautiful and popular town for vacations and holidays. The specialty of this town is that it is all covered from the green pine and cedar trees. This greenery adds more charm to the beauty of this place. There are several places to visit in Kasauli and one can spend their weekend very nicely at this place. You can easily reach this place from any public transport from Delhi.

So, these were a few of the places near to Delhi, where one can go for spending their weekend.


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