Move Aside Gully Boy, Time To Give Spotlight To These Rappers In India

With the release of Gully boy, a lot of people are starting to understand and pay attention to the hip-hop scene in India. But what people do not understand is that Hip Hop is not all about glitz and glam is definitely not Bollywood so… Let’s take a moment and discuss real hip-hop, Here is a list of rappers in India that are trying to bring real hip hop to people.


Prabhdeep is a Rapper from delhi. you may also know him because of this song Sherni from Manmarziya the movie but that ain’t all. Prabhdeep is one of the OGs for our generation, he’s been in the scene for years and has released some great tracks and an album too. If you call yourself a hiphop head and don’t know this guy then it’s a shame. His songs usually come from a personal place and will tell you about his life and what goes around.

Smokey the Ghost

Sumukh Mysore a.k.a Smokey the ghost is a bangalore based rapper and he literally has been rapping since he was 10 years old. Little known fact he actually got a government job but later on he left that to pursue his passion which was Hip hop and then the rest is history. He is one of India’s finest rappers and he recently released his mixtape so I really think you should check it out.

Seedhe Maut

Seedhe maut is a bilingual rapper duo originating from Delhi and OH BOY we are already fans. Encore ABJ and Calm are absolutely talented and know their shit. They came out with Do ka Pahada a mix tape, in 2017 and that was the first time I heard of them and mind you I have been a loyal fan since then. They also came out with an album Very recently. The album Bayaan has a completely different vibe from their mixtape and we are here for it. It really shows how much mature they are as artists now and how true they are.

Dee MC

Bro, she is the real deal alright. Dee MC is an Indian FEMALE rapper yo and she is also one of the finest. She has come a long long way from where she started. She has rapped about a lot of social issues to start a conversation and also was interviewed by many media portals and this girl aced it every time.


Bro, if you don’t know this guy then you’re really missing out on the real stuff. Enkore is a rapper from Mumbai who has really been in the scene. If you’ve heard his album Libra Scale then you know what this guy is worth it. His latest album Bombay Soul talks about how difficult it can be living in this city and what it is really like to be here.

Siri Narayan

Siri Narayan is a female rapper from Bangalore who raps in 3 lnguages Kannada, Hindi and English and bro she is damn good! She is one of the few Indian rappers in the scene and she is definitely making her presence by tracks like Live it. She started rapping around 4-5 yeras back and let’s just say she has only gotten better!

Poetik Justis

Vineet Nair or as I know him, Poetik Justis is a rapper basedout of Mumbai and oh boy the guy is a pro, He knows his shit and he knows what he’s doing. His Facebook page says that he knew that he wanted to do something in hip-hop only when he was 14 years old. He released his first album only when he was 23 and oh boy, that was one epic piece of art. A multi-lingual emcee who spits versatile flows and puts his heart to the music. The imprint that he leaves on his fans and listeners is one to experience.

Ahmer Javed

Ahmer is a rapper from the valleys of Kashmir and is the face of hip hop in Kashmir. Ahmer heard his first rap when he was only 13 years old and it was The real slim shady and he was really intrigued by it. That was when he decided he wanted to pursue it. I really would recommend you to check out this guys work because he really is worth all the time. He also just released a track ‘Khatam’ with Azadi and you should go and check it out like now!

Full Power

Fullpower is a rap duo from delhi and individually the guys are called Yungi / Yungsta and Frappe Ash. Well their name suggests the energy they carry ekdam fullpower. I am personally a BIG BIG FAN of Frappe since 2012 ( Emptiness) Haha jokes apart these guys have made it big, they’re known for all the right reasons. Yungi and Frappe Ash both are based out of delhi and their music speaks for themselves. Their mixtape Showtime is one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in the Indian scene and kudos to the guys!


If you’ve seen gully boy and you saw that battle and you think that is how it goes down then boy you’re wrong. If you want to know what is the reality like then watch some of Kode’s battling videos on youtube. Battles are supposed to get ugly, they are supposed to make you feel like woah what that is how it should be and not like ‘ yeh toh mere wala gaana hai’ So yes, ples this guy has been battling since almost 6 years so you know you’ll get some quality stuff!

Honorable Mention: Sez

In an interview Mo Joshi said ” we cannot talk about the rise of Indian Hip Hop and not talk about Sez and well I completely agree. Sez is the guy behind few of my favourite songs. He has produced beats for Mere Gully mei ( Just go and listen to the orignal one! ) He has been producing beats since very long ago and he surely has come a long way and we are thankful to hi, for producing one of the finest beats!

Contributed by Himani Yadav


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