Top 10 Places You Need To Visit For A Perfect Christmas

Christmas surely is the most magical time of the year. There is something about this holiday that makes us absolutely excited and child-like. Markets and malls all decked up with red bows, beautiful Christmas trees, Christmas cakes and carols in the background. Well, if this is your favourite holiday then we recommend you these top 10 places to visit during Christmas.

New York City


All these Hollywood movies based on Christmas in New York have put this idea in our heads to experience it at least once. The city is magical during this time with big pine trees decorated with all things cute and glittering. The air smells of freshly baked ginger house, cakes and other festive food. Not just this, One must visit the Rockefeller center and witness the biggest Christmas tree here while skating and making new memories.

Santa Claus Village, Finland


Santa Village is the best place to spend your Christmas in if your inner child is still alive. There is no such place on earth like Santa Village itself when it comes to this holiday. Meet Santa, Mrs. Santa and all their helpers, elves and reindeer and everything Christmassy.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The place has the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking for a traditional celebration or modern when it comes to Christmas, Stockholm has something for all. With squares decorated in the most beautiful manner, while roaming in the city, there won’t be one corner that won’t be seen without any festivities.

Paris, France


You really don’t need a reason to visit Paris, but if you are still looking for a nudge then Christmas is the season. The romantic city is completely decked up in the Christmas festivities with beautiful decorations all around the city. The shops and malls have amazing décor that are just drop dead gorgeous. Shop beautiful things while stopping every now and then to feast on yummy treats!

Brussels, Belgium


Brussels is always a good idea, especially during Christmas. The city is small and can be covered on foot. The Christmas markets here are again very famous for all the presents you would want to buy. There are all kinds of stalls with beautiful traditional things and yummy food like the of course Belgian waffles, beef stew and so much more.

Salzburg, Austria


Dating back to the 15th century, Salzburg Christkindlmarkt is known to be one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world. With all the history and culture that is associated to this place, Salzburg is a great place to be in during this beautiful time of the year.

Leipzig, Germany


Let’s get straight to business. Germany does the best Christmas markets in the entire world. There are people who fly in from all directions of the planet to witness this festival in its full glory. Leipiz is that one place that does Christmas like no place else. With up to 180 stalls every year of food and other fancy things, German’s make sure that you experience something that you have never experience before. Shop till you drop buying all those trinkets, clothes, chocolates, sweets and more. Do not forget to enjoy the chill in the air with their warm mulled wine which is to die for.

London, England


London, is an absolute no brainer when it comes to celebrating Christmas in some other country. London has its own charm which doubles up during this time. The streets get lit with beautiful lights, decorative trees and shops are decorated with all things glitter. Skating is that one activity that you must indulge in when here. Don’t forget to stuff your faces with all those heart-warming dishes.

Strasbourg, France

Stockholm, Sweden

One would be a fool if they skip this place to visit during Christmas. Strasbourg is wildly famous for their 400 year old Christmas markets which make it the Christmas capital. The place turns into a complete winter wonderland that will make you fall in love with this place.

Vatican, Italy


Well, who can forget about The Vatican City when it comes to Christmas! The catholic city witnesses a big footfall every year because of its beautifully decked up shops selling all things yum and of course the beautiful mid night mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve.


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