Top Treks To Tick Off From Your List

You might be a hardcore hiker or somebody who has just want to experience it, but trekking no matter how difficult always rewards you with beautiful views and experience of your lifetime. The best treks in the world are something that you must do once in your lifetime and here’s where they are :


Inca Trail, Peru

best treks in the world

Hands down, it is one of the most famous trails in the world and requires you to train for this one. One must be completely fit to do this 26 miles trek. While on this you get to see the beautiful scenery of Peru which includes ruins, jungle, and beautiful mountain scenery, and of course, end the hike at Machu Picchu after 4 days.


The Long Range Traverse, Canada

best treks in the world

There is no doubt about the fact that this is Canada’s best trek. It starts from Western Brook Pond, through the long-range, going through Gros Morne Mountains and ending in the gorgeous Ferry Gulch. One must plan in detail and prepare themselves for going on this trail. The total distance covered in this is 35km which is covered in 3-4 days.


The Torres Del Paine “W” Circuit, Chile

best treks in the world

For the most obvious reasons, the trail has been named “W” circuit. It is popular amongst the hikers because of the gorgeous view that you get to see here. One gets to see volcanic peaks, glaciers, and beautiful lakes over the period of 4-6 days and cover 37-50 miles.


Appalachian Trail, United States

best treks in the world

Well, going on this trail is something that we highly recommend as it is one of a kind as it takes 5-7 months to complete it. Yes, you read that right. It takes you through 14 states from Georgia to Maine, which obviously means BEAUTIFUL view.


The Lost City of Teyuna, Colombia

best treks in the world

A 5 days trek covering 44 km, this trek in Colombia takes you to a lesser known adventure. What you experience and see is jungle atop the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and ending at the lost city of Teyuna. It was built 650 years before Machu Picchu. You cross streams, foothills and breathtaking scenery. You must be in the best of your health to go on this trek.


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

best treks in the world

A seven days trek covering roughly 35kms, this hike is one everyone’s bucket list. At a height of 19340, this has a wide range of climbing routes and the spectacular night sky.


Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

best treks in the world

No list is complete without this one. This one is gaining its popularity every year and sees people coming in from all over the world. If not scaling the heights of Mt. Everest, at least standing face to face to it during this trek is worth it. The trek takes 16 days and covers approximately 70 miles.


Grand Canyon RIM-to-RIM Hike, Unites States

best treks in the world

Well, one cannot take birth and not visit the Grand Canyon. The beauty of this place is surreal and one of a kind with vastness all around. The trek takes 4-6 days.


Laugavegurinn / Fimmvorduhals Pass, Iceland

best treks in the world

This pass is something that we highly recommend. You would be stunned by the beauty that you see all through the trek which takes 4 days to complete. You will go through volcanic landscapes, amazing views of rhyolite peaks, lichen-covered rocks and has more variety as you go further.


Routeburn Track, New Zealand

best treks in the world

Covering 20 miles and finishing it in 2-4 days, this trail is located on the South Island, Fiordland National Park. It is one of the most popular hikes and gives you a chance to see some of the most spectacular views.


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