No Sweat: We Have You Covered With These Amazing Diwali Gift Options

Diwali just being a few days away from us and I am sure that just thinking about it gets you a little tense in terms for presents/gifts. So this Diwali, do yourself a favour and opt for one of these amazing Diwali Hampers that you can gift to your family and friends ones and they will love you for it.


Gourmet Hampers

Diwali hampers

Food is something that is the first priority when it comes to Diwali and gifting. Choose from the wide range of gourmet hampers that are made up from the best of eatables. From different types of chocolates to coffee, chocolate spreads, imported chips, various sauces and marmalades, these hampers are God sent for the food lovers. From the biggest hamper to the smallest, the market is full of various food hampers.


Tea Hampers

Diwali Hampers

If you know any tea lover, then Tea hamper is what would make for a perfect Diwali gift for them. Believe us, when we say this. They have a big range of flavours which are absolutely elegant and makes for a sophisticated gift. There are various brands that are fab like San-cha tea and the tea trunk. With their unique and fun flavours, this place has us addicted and hooked on it for life. They have some really interesting tea’s that can be a super gift for all your tea lover friends. They have sacred spice tea, matcha, Kesar Pista, long Island Green tea, Marygold green tea and many more.


Pre Curated Style Boxes

There are many websites that give you an already made boxes that have different kinds of products in them and that make for a great gift. A great gift to give is something that you will find on The Style Salad. They have many pre-made boxes that have various types of products including skincare, beverages, books, accessories, stationeries and all. Either choose from their already prepared boxes or customise one yourself.


Book Box

Reading is our only hope. We all have that friend who lives and dreams books. For them, we have a great gifting option. Don’t just buy a book, step up your game and order one of their many subscription boxes which have really cool stuff. Their subscription boxes are divided into 4 types- Frappe, Espresso, Cappuccino or Mocha. They vary in size and products that come with it. Every month they have a theme and the boxes have gifts based on that.


Beauty Products

Body care products always make for a great gift and there are many fabulous brands. For Diwali, they come up with some amazing hampers that consists of all the products that will take care of you from head to two. Check out brands like body shop, fabindia, l’occitane and more.



Diwali Hampers

Not just normal candles, buy beautiful aromatic candles that are available in the market. They make for a great gift and make your surroundings smell amazing. To purchase them, check out Resonance Candles, good earth, kama or more.


Traditional Diwali Hamper

Festive Preperations

Well well, if you are traditional at heart then go the traditional way and make a hamper with some diyas, sweets, idols, rangoli colours and more. Have fun customising your own hamper.


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